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Indonesia Land: September 2008

Indonesia Land

September 24, 2008

Karapan Sapi (Bull Races) in Madura

This is a very popular sport and parades are held on a regular basis at least twice a month in September and October Bangkalan beginning of 09.00, Pamekasan and Sampang on the island of Madura in half an hour by ferry from Surabaya. Bull Racing is a great event in Madura, especially in the annual championship races on the islands, which are usually held at the local administrator of the harvest in September or October.

There should be Pamekasan, the capital of the island for one year. Special races can be organized, taking into account the three days prior notice. For more information, contact the East Java Provincial Tourism Office, Jl. Wisata Menanggal, Surabaya, and Phone: (031) 8531815, 8531820.
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September 16, 2008

Adventure on the Mahakam River

Archipelago in Indonesia are explorers and joy also for travelers who want to be beaten tourist path and immerse themselves into different cultures and participate in activities outside the normal tourist-standard. Each island has something for visitors, both for hiking, rock climbing, rafting or just photos, the list is long. On the island of Borneo is by far the island in search of adventure. It does not mean that you have to be young and super-fit.

Instead, I found many middle-aged and older people on the tracks and warungs enjoy the trip. I recommend adventure travel by boat in the Mahakam River. The length of about 980 km, which follows the Highlands of the mouth of the Strait in Kokstad. You will not find in the city of Pune, which is located along the river, 48 km from the mouth. The major rivers in the region in East Kalimantan, where you can find older vessels using the navigation system in relation to the Highlands. And at this point that the rapid start-up and longboats used to navigate the waters.
As you progress along the river from its mouth, impressive parties jungle that was once there has to surface water and groundwater Desecrated. Syndebuk more than deforestation, but the progress upstream, more green-style Amazon jungle to be outstanding. Passenger line the river, the fastest, and then in Long Bagun can arrange Longboat take more upstream. Always negotiate the price. The entire trip is a real adventure and major river passes, the more panoramic view of nature and wild animals. Wealth and trunk monkeys, apes that the area is common, which is the explosion of color plumagem many birds. To be sure, such a trip is not feint of heart or those who want to relax in a comfortable five-star hotels. It is this experience can never forget. Yes, I can assure you again in Kalimantan… again and again.


September 13, 2008

Sulphur Mining at Kawah Ijen

Some western Banyuwangi, on the border with Baluran National Park is on the Ijen Plateau. E "located in the center of Ijen - Mount Merapi - Maelang Reserve in the far eastern part of a platform reflecting the blue / green kráteru lakes. Kawah Ijen is 2,300 meters above sea level. Huge lake, which is 200 meters deep, contains about 36000000 cubic metres in pairs , Acidic water. Chodit to allow for holidays kráteru pleasure every day. It is incredible vision and the natural wonders of Indonesia.

As the lake is very simple and can approaches from both east and west. Most people will choose this approach because it is more popular. On a trip to the mountain requires only one hour and a half. However, if the Banyuwangi approach to take six or seven hours and is Licin.
What's interesting is the sulphur extracted in the lake on the outskirts of a strong smell, which is for those who are managing the stomach. People who work in the mines of sulphur are also paid for their work. What's pursuit of the sulphur content exceeding kráteru and then 19 km on foot from top to Banyuwangi, where the factory deals with a sulphur content. They may take up to 80 kg of stinking!


September 03, 2008

Indonesia Tourism &Travel Fair 2008

Indonesia Travel & Tourism Fair (ITTF) 2008 is the largest forum for tourism and direct sale of travel in Indonesia, officially launched by the Indonesian government in cooperation with the three largest travel organizations in Indonesia: Indonesia Hotel and Restaurant Association (Asosiasi Hotel Alliance Restoran Indonesia / PHRI), Association of Indonesian Tour and Travel Agency (ASITA) and Indonesia Congress & Convention Association (INCCA), and air carriers from Indonesia, National Association (INACA) and other organizations.

The exhibition will serve as a meeting point for Indonesian domestic companies that need information on tourism and travel worldwide. It is expected that the various organizations of many countries participating in the event.

In 30 countries are expected to ITTF 2008, so most of the more than 150 booths to introduce their travel and tourism services and expectations for the preparation of thousands of visitors per day.