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Indonesia Land: Oktober 2008

Indonesia Land

Oktober 24, 2008

Prambanan, Refused of Love Temple

Prambanan Temple is a very beautiful building built in the tenth century during the reign of two kings of the Rakai Pikatan and cancer Bali Tung. The increase to 47 meters (5 meters higher than Borobudura Temple), the foundation of this temple has fulfilled the desire to show the founder of Hindu victory on the island of Java. This temple is located 17 km from the city center, in an area that currently serves as a beautiful park.

There is a legend that Javanese people always say this temple. It tells the story, there was a man named Bandung Bondowoso, who loved RoRo Jonggrang. Giving up her love, Jonggrang Bondowoso asked to make a temple with 1000 statues of only one night. This request was almost completed when Jonggrang asked residents of a pound of rice and set fire to look like the morning was broken. The sense of disappointment, Bondowoso, who have just completed the 999 statues cursed Jonggrang be thousandth statue.

Barge Banana Temple has three major temples in the main yard, namely: Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva temples. These three temples are symbols of Trimurti of the Hindu faith. All of them face east. Each main temple has accompanying temple facing west, namely Nandini of Shiva, Angsa to Brahma, Vishnu and Garuda. In addition, there are 2 flank temples, churches and 4 kelir 4 corner temples. The second area is 224 temples.

Into the temple of Lord Shiva, the highest temple and is in the middle, you will find four rooms. One of the main room contains a statue of Lord Shiva, while the other three rooms contain a statue of Durga (Shiva's wife), Agastya (Shiva teacher) and Ganesha (son of Shiva). Durga statue is a statue of RoRo Jonggrang in the above legend.

In the temple of Vishnu, north of the temple of Lord Shiva, you will find only a room with a statue of Vishnu. The Brahma Temple, south of the temple of Lord Shiva, you find only in a room with a statue of Brahma in it.

Very attractive accompanying temple Garuda temple, which is located beside the temple of Vishnu. This temple keeps the story of birds to humans on behalf of Garuda. Garuda is a mysterious bird in Hindu mythology. This figure is the golden body, white face, red wings, with beaks and wings of an eagle's similar. It is expected that this figure is a Hindu adaptation Bennu (see "growth" or "light") that relate to the god of the sun or upgrading of old Egyptian mythology or Phoenix in drevneegipetskoy mythology. Garuda managed to save his mother from the curse of Arunas (Garuda in the disabled brother) to the theft of Tirta Amerta (holy water from the gods).

Her ability to keep her mother made many people admire him so far and it is used for different purposes. Indonesia is using birds as a symbol of the country. Other countries using the same symbol in Thailand, with the same reason, but various forms of adaptation and appearance. In Thailand, Garuda is known as Krut or Pha Krut.

Banana Barge and groups of relief, describing the story of Ramayana. Experts say that the aid is a story of Ramayana, said that a verbal from generation to generation. Another interesting terrain Kalpataru tree - in Hindu - the tree is considered a tree of life, eternity and harmony with the environment. The barge Banana, the agency Kalpataru tree is described as the wing of a lion. The presence of this tree experts do believe that Javanese society in the ninth century had the wisdom to manage their environment.

Like Garuda, Kalpataru tree is also used for various purposes. In Indonesia, Kalpataru used as a symbol of the Indonesian Institute for Environment. Some intellectuals even in Bali to develop a "Tri Hita quarantine" to preserve the environment as Kalpataru assistance in this house. The tree of life, as seen in gunungan (used doll as the opening of the traditional puppet show or wayang kulit). This turns out to cover the barge Banana is widely known throughout the world.

If you see the relief in detail, you'll see a lot of birds on them, they are real birds, as we see on Earth today. Covering these birds are so natural that biologists can determine their race. One is the shape of a cross-yellow parrot (Cacatua sulphurea), which leads unanswered questions. The reason is that the bird exists only in Masakambing Islands, in the middle of the Java Sea. Then the bird found in Aarhus? No body managed to expose secrets.

You can find a lot of other things in Pram Banana. You can see the terrain Wiracarita Ramayana based on oral tradition. If you are tired of receiving relief, you can relax in a beautiful garden in the compound. Since 18 September 2006, you can enter the zone 1 area barge Banana temple. Damage caused by the earthquake of 27 May 2006 is now reconstructed. Come and enjoy the barge Banana temple.

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Oktober 21, 2008

The Heart of Papua's Deepest Mysteries

Mamberamo by the Amazon, belongs to Papua. Substances and almost unexplored territory of the area. They are filled with water to the tribes live there, which today remain virtually untouched by the Organization of the United Nations communicates with the outside world.

In the beginning of traveling by boat on the river, and then in Waropen van Rice trekking in the mountains and, finally, the top-boxes (Eastern Mamberamo) River.

Pool trip down Mamberamo history
motor on kayaks. A small brook near the river, tribal villages, where several people meet, part of the world.

When traveling in Papua, particularly in the areas of exploration Mamberamo can learn how to expect unexpected. In addition, raw nature is dynamic equitable solutions to the region.
Therefore, it is important that they can be open and flexible schedule for travel


Oktober 14, 2008

Honeymoon at Lombok

Lombok is the magic of the HONEYMOONERS. Ideal for travelers seeking peace, tranquility and relaxation: visitors spend their time under the warm Sunday, near the beach, relax by the pool or the peaceful sea to the ocean in front of the hotel, where many dead fish from the Indian sea corals.

This spectacular secluded beach, the sun kissed shores of the finger of palm trees, rice terraces, disappearing into the distant mountain ranges, the ancient temples of the classic trench Archway, to shop for ceramics, traditional weaving, carving and many more ....


Day 1:

You will be met by our staff Mataram airport and transfer you to your hotel, which will help you check into a hotel, and explained that the overall information that Lombok has to offer.

Day 2:

Enjoy the hotel premises, which is a relaxing day in the pool or beach. Enjoy a 1 hour massage treatment to the two of you. Your lunch, we reserve the candlelite romantic dinner at the hotel.

Day 3:

The next morning, you'll enjoy our friendly guide to take you to the famous Gili islands under the all-day trip to explore deep Trawangan. Snorkeling equipment is provided free of charge. Set lunch menu will be served on the local restaurant Trawangan not deep. On the way back from the island, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama along the North Lombok.

Day 4:

We transport you back to the airport, according to schedule your flight.

At the end of the program.

Option # 1: Holiday Resort Lombok


Holiday Resort Lombok is a quiet resort nestled among lushly tropical mountains and pristine beaches. Swimming pool surrounded by a landscape of gardens, spa, gourmet restaurants and cozy bar to experience an unforgettable vacation.



March 1 - 18 July 2008
Price: U.S. $ 599/couple

In the package of services:

Private transfers airport-hotel-airport

Speaking in English guide, welcome drink and cold towel on the examination of the

3 nights on the beach bungalow American breakfast for two and tax charges

2 bottles of mineral water in the room every day, tea and coffee in the room

1 X, a romantic candlelight dinner in the hotel

Flower and fruit basket, free entrance to the health club Holiday Resort Lombok

1 x Private Gili Trawangan Snorkeling Tour menu dinner for two, and

All entrances, private AC coach, the return of boats, gear-SEA

Option # 2: Qunci Villa


Qunci villas specially designed to take full advantage of stunning views over the exotic gardens across the sparkling blue waters of Lombok Strait. The villa complex includes 20 units on the beautiful beach, landscaped property peppered with the fluctuation of palm trees and lush tropical plants.
Expiration date: March 1 - 18 July 2008
Price: U.S. $ 665/couple

The package of services:

Private transfers airport-hotel-airport

Speaking in English guide, welcome drink and cold towel on the examination of the

3 nights Ocean View Villa breakfast for two and tax and duty

Personal Service, 1 hour trip bikking

1 x romantic candlelight dinner to the Villa Beach Restaurant

Flower and fruit basket, 1 hour massage hotel beach

1 x Private Gili Trawangan Snorkeling Tour menu dinner for two, and

All entrances, private AC coach, the return of boats, gear-SEA

Option # 3: Private villas imajo


Spectacular Hill Top-resort consisting of 4 enormous private villas with private pools shared lagoon pool and a beautiful garden. This is very pleased that we invite you to experience true luxury private villas imajo Lombok, where you can leave the world behind. You really do not want to miss the rehabilitation of the day, where you'll find many local professionals as well as the most popular treatment, a great way to relax after a day filled with adventure.
Expiration date: March 1 - 18 July 2008
Price: U.S. $ 788/couple

In the package of services:

Private transfers airport-hotel-airport

Speaking in English guide, welcome drink and cold towel on the examination of the

3 nights in the honeymoon suite breakfast for two and tax charges

Private Butler / chef service, free Internet access, DVD, VCD, audio and home entertainment

1 x romantic candlelight dinner at Villa

Flower and fruit basket, 1 hour massage of the hotel swimming pool

1 x Private Gili Trawangan Snorkeling Tour menu dinner for two, and

All entrances, private AC coach, the return of boats, gear-SEA

See also: Esther honeymoon packages


Jl. Intermilan 87 Puri Meninting Lombok, Indonesia

Phone: 62 370 662 8139, fax: 62 370 634 162, Mobile / SMS: 62 (0) 81 8369619


Member ASITA (Travel Agents Association of Indonesia)




Oktober 11, 2008

Surfing in Roti Island

Located in East Nusa Tenggara, roti island between the Indian Ocean to the west and the East Timor Sea. It is 80 kilometers from the southwest, northeast and about 23 kilometers wide and covers more 467 1210 square kilometers. Roti island is part of Kupang Regency, but has its own Regency. Along with some other smaller islands easily as Ndao, he represented Kabupaten (Regency), which roti Ndao. The capital is Ba'a roti, which is located west of the island. Ash village located on the northeast side of roti, and the southern side of a large sheltered bay. This sandy beaches and mangroves and coral reefs located in the heart. In Dana deserted island (also known as Ndana) just south of the South Island of Indonesia routine.

Roti island is beautiful mountains, valleys and the escarpment but is under water, here's where beauty is good for diving with impressive walls and caverns, and has a wide variety of marine life. Agriculture is the largest source of employment. Fishing is also important, especially in the eastern village role. In the village of ash, sandy beach drops off sharply provide deep water anchor close inshore. Bay is beneficial and provides shelter from the year strong east and west monsoonal winds.
There island is a big surf to the south around the village Nembralla. There are beautiful beaches, which offers panoramic views of natural and charming sunsets. Nembralla Beach is one of very few beaches ideal for surfing. June and October are the best months of surfing and the fact no break waves with surfers from around the world.

Roti island architecture is unique, and this is their exquisite Ikat weaving. Roti has many historical sites, including fine antique Chinese porcelain and ancient art and tradition. People of traditional musical instrument Sasando roti comes from the island.

On track:

Passenger ferry operate daily between Kupang and manager, a mangrove fringed bay on the north-western part of the roti. A motor boat also travels twice a week between ash and Namosain village in Kupang. The trip takes about four hours, depending on weather conditions.


Oktober 09, 2008

Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park Presented the Beauty and Cultural of Indonesia

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park was built to showcase destinations in Indonesia, where you'll find many visitors to the cultural richness of Indonesia as a unique replication of traditional houses (Pavilion) from all over Indonesia, the Indonesian archipelago, shaped lake, and Another attraction is very charming. The park is ideal for weekend family trip is also an international tourist who do not have enough time to know places in Indonesia.

It started with the idea of the late Ibu Tien soeharto (former first lady Indonesia). TMII construction began in 1971 and was officially opened on 20 April 1975.

Since its existence, during which TMII continues to grow and developed in accordance with the dynamics of community life in Indonesia. People's increasingly aware of the existence of significant advantages TMII to the mission that the vehicle for the preservation and development of culture and means of strengthening the unity and integrity of people in Indonesia.

TMII are considered vehicles, representing a diversity of people in Indonesia and the diversity of cultural wealth in society to acquire an interesting experience, knowledge and information on various aspects of culture, traditions, customs, art forms, since the introduction of cultural heritage.

Beauty and cultural wealth provided by TMII can be easily monitored by the Community through the availability of more complete and interactive media. It is expected that through the site, the information may be widespread throughout the archipelago and abroad that will be easier for communities to know better the culture and traditions of the people of Indonesia.

Landscape palaces
In larger share of TMII consist of regional pavilions. In more than twenty-five paviliona to go through a representative of the architecture of each province of Indonesia, the visitor if this is a unique opportunity to explore the breadth and scope of the full range of regional structures. Each box represents at least three typical examples of regional style they represent.

Does not have the time or fortitude to venture to remote or at a junior-way places? No need. Visit each box and be very clear impression of the diversity and richness of Indonesian architecture and lifestyles. Noted only that a "Bogonjong" House of wounds Minang from West Sumatra, A "Lamin" The Dayak people from deep inside East Kalimantan, a police station in Tongkongan So, South Sulawesi, the traditional "drumstick Bolon" in North home Sumatra is "Joglo house in Central Java, etc.

Istana Enakovi-Enakovi Indonesia: Indonesia children castle, which predicts fairy painting in Indonesia and worldwide.

Perahu ANGS Arsipel Indonesia: Swan boat to investigate the archipelago of Indonesia formed the lake.

During the Taman Putro: amusement park for children, fully equipped with games and fun activities.

Taman Ria Atmaja: 60 sq. meters in extent of 4000 meters Pl area that is well known as Dangdut terminal (Dangdut: popular music unique to Indonesia žanrsko).

Taman Tirta Renang Ámbar: Swimming pool for adults and children, equipped with a coach and savior.

Imax Theater Keong EMAS: A shopisticated IMAX technology snails forms of theater, with several IMAX films involving Indonesia natural and cultural heritage.

Save WISATA: When the day is not enough to investigate TMII, there WISATA Preserve, a hostel for individual or group visitors TMII outside Jakarta that night.

TRANSPORTASI TMII: vehicle, you out "Archipelago".

Titihan Samirono / Aeromovel: Another way to get around fast train, Aeromovel. This is a model for fast and efficient train that could provide mass transportation for Indonesia today.

Sky Lift Indonesia (Kereta Gantung): You want fast and easy geography lesson? Go to heaven for lifting into the air, visit the park and one of the landmarks that will stay with you the extent of the pattern of Indonesian island of the archipelago in smalll lake.

Theater Tanah Airku: The "Tanah Airku" Theater is the first in Indonesia, equipped with high technology of international standards. Physical point of view, "Tanah Airku" Theater is a marriage that is typical of Indonesian and international aesthetic. Indonesian decorations, such as "gunungan" (mountain), elements of Javanese puppet shows, the roof forms of Sumatra and Sulawesi, Kalimantan Dayak connection with the style, everything is in order offenses. In combination with modern sound and lighting effects and stage equipment for the full stateof and modern theater, and you have a dramatic experience long remembered.

Panggung parked Asia: North Parking phase of a permanent stage for other leisure activities for visitors. Located next to the hard Pancasila Monument Plaza and belonging to the North parking lot open arena was built with the participation of private companies that manage national cultural heritage represented in TMII. 20 MX 18 meters high levels of triangular roof is the biggest stage in Taman Mini.

Transport of
Central Jakarta, TMII is about 25 km. Five miles away, if at Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport (local airport). Can be reached by public transport, taxis. Rent a car for a more comfortable ride.

By public transport:

- Metro Mini S. 45 (Pulogadung-PT.II TMII)
- Angkot KWK 15 A village (Ragunan - PT. TMII II)
- Angkot KWK S. 01 (Cililitan - Bambuí Apus)
- Angkot KWK S. 02 (Cililitan - Cipayung)
- Angkot KWK S. 05 (Cililitan - Set)
- Angkot KWK p. 15 (Cililitan - Cilangkap)
- Angkot KWK K. 40 (Bekasi-Kmp. rambutan)
- Angkot KWK p. 19 (Depok - Pinang Gaspari)
- Gandeng bus PPD GT. 03 (Grogol - TMII)

Where to stay

1. Inns and hotels in Jakarta and surroundings
2. Peas WISATA Remaja. Perfect for teenagers and those with a limited budget. This is in walking distance to a small restaurant, cable car station, swimming pool and several museums. Legs are worn it? Transport terminal in the vicinity. Shuttle service cars will be another attraction in the park like.
3. Padepokan Pencak silat. This facility equipped with meeting rooms.
4. Save WISATA. Especially for young people in the group. This place is sometimes host more meetings, events and seminars. You can rent a cottage for more privacy. Prks diet drinks are available for order. Open Theater is also available.

Moving around

On foot, shuttle cars, sky Lif and Aeromovel.

Corner rooms guide

1. Try restaurant Caping Gunung. Its natural light (no light bulbs, the light should be provided with roofs made of materials, clear) and delicious food will provide a unique experience, the dining room.
2. Pasar Tiban (Tiban market). Food vendors live in this small, consisting of a wide range of complex buildings.
3. You can eat in small restaurants scattered in the area.

Tips for souvenirs

TMII sale of many small jewels that will allow it to remember their experience here. The various T-shirts, caps, postcards, are widely available.

Travel Tips

1. TMII is quite large, consisting of more than 100 hectares of land. If you do not have much time Subscribe tour. This will save money and time. (You will receive a discount if you travel in a group)
2. To examine the site in its entirety, it is best if you spend the night in this area.

Other things to see whether or not

1. Take a trip by cable car. You can see TMII from the top of a beautiful experience.
2. Watch movies, Indonesia Imax Theater Keong EMAS.
3. Visits to several museums in this area.
4. Visit the gardens and bird parks orchid park.

Further information:

TMII management office
Taman Mini Indonesia INDAH complex
Tel: 021-8409214, 8409210, 8409270, 8409236, 8409239,
Fax: 021-8400709