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Indonesia Land: Agustus 2008

Indonesia Land

Agustus 28, 2008

Papua Paradise Carstensz Pyramid

Trekking to the Carstensz Pyramid is one of the most beautiful hiking Papua can provide. While it is difficult things that you see and experience along the way, is absolutely fantastic and unique.

It begins at the height of 2000 m in an area of mountainous rain forest. You wade through rivers, climb over logs and primitive bridges, and then the biotope changes into a short belt of misty forests, which opens to the Kembalo Plato that is situated at 3500 m. Here, the endless forest of the giant tree ferns begins. This forest reaches all the way to the Snow Mountains, where the giant mountains begin. The massive of the Carstensz Pyramid towers over the Kembalo Plato with super elevation of 1500 m. The route to the New Zealand Pass is an alpine experience. At the same time it is a test of the porters.

Then you climb to the height of 4500 m. The short trek, between the mountains resembling the world’s most beautiful mountain parks, is concluded by a descent to the Merental Valley. Our Base Camp is situated on the foothill of the Carstensz Pyramid in this valley. At this place you are at the height 4200 m, and even here it snows in the morning. You are separated from the top of the Carstensz Pyramid by 684 meters.


Agustus 26, 2008

sultanate's Benteng Kuto Besak Fortress

Benteng Kuto Besak the beginning of the fortress was built in 1780, and the first time, used the 12 February 1797. Kuto Besak Fortress is a sultanate palace, which was a central, and the Sultanate of Palembang monarchy, 18th-century. The idea has been built Benteng weaves Besak Borgen was started Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I do, the close of 1724 to 1758, and the results were completed, his son Sultan Mahmud Badarudin, the king and religious leader.

similar bastion of the fortress become a unique feature. In addition, there are two entrance gate in the southern and northern direction, the main gate against the face of the Musi River in the name is that a Lawang Kuto, and others who Lawang Buritan.
Many of the development round Benteng weaves Besak fortress, is estimated to be a public recreation area, offering Musi exotic panorama and historic buildings for tourism. If we have a look at the castle from Sebrang ulu the territory of or above the ampere bridge, seen panorama is a spacious yard line with the Palm tres, Palembang in front of the head-office city.


Agustus 25, 2008

Penyengat Indra Sakti Island

Penyengat island is only 3.5 km, located on the west side of Tanjungpinang utilities. Between Penyengat island of the city Tanjungpinang founded a narrow, which is 1.5 km wide, that you can take a boat or boat, which is known in the local community is called pompong.

This island is the hills, the sand is sand composition of stones, while the margins on the beach, swamps, and rocking. Previously, the islands, which are on the front of Riau Rivers always in transit boaters that the transfer of this area, is important for the receipt of fresh water.

In the old citizens in this area say that happened a time when it is seamen, whose waters have been received by the type of attack by bees, which are specified or stinger Indonesian Language is a call penyengat. Because these animals have been slain some people, they were seen spends the most. Since then the name of this island is Penyengat Island Indra Sakti still best known Penyengat Island.

History is indeed proof that took place during the wars between the Riau Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Netherlands (1782-1794), including the island was an important point. King Haji This fourth of Riau Young Awards (Raja Haji Yang Dipertuan Muda Riau IV), better known as Raja Haji Syahid Fisabilillah Marhum Teluk Ketapang who are engaged in wars versus Holland to build some fortifications in Penyengat Island, where they Penggawa Hill, Tengah Kursi Hill & Hill. These forty ended with a pistol in different sizes. At the age of Sultan Mahmud Syah (1761 to 1812), when he was married Engku Putri Shanghai King Haji Syahid Fisabilillah in 1801, the island was given to his wife, as the price of his marriage.

As part Penyengat Island was very important in the history of Riau Kingdom, the island, which is relatively very small and comments nations are known to visit him. Over there are many forms of the past historic sites. On this island is a piece alongside a number of historical sites, he founded the interests of other objects, like a beautiful view, banking tradition, art and traditional attraction


Agustus 12, 2008

Dive in Ambon City

Indonesia is one of the most famous diving waters in the world, some types of coral and marine base suitable place to introduce the sport of diving. This activity can look at the number of tourists coming in increasing degree to dive in Ambon City and other islands in Indonesia.

Ambon City beach condusive hours is the city that is safe for tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of "the island and is also culture. Ambon City has another nickname, which Manis, nutmeg and clover Land, land Aquamarine, thousands of island states, etc. Ambon City enlelosing to bay, which has 377 sq km, which is broad and Baquala Ambon City bay. Ambon City Island is located in the southern island of Seram in the 945 sq km long, it's a small island, which is similar to a small area on the world map. Ambon City Island and slope as "M" Alphabet ", as if it were so that the two island countries in relation to the contents of baguala bays wide, and more than one kilometre.

Ambon City surrounded by the beach, for example: Falawatu, Santai Beach, Namalatu, Lisa Du, Batu Condensation, Pintu Kota give so on. Together with beaches, mountains of Ambon City of color beauty of the mountains in the centre of "the island of Ambon City in the mountains in the centre of" the island of Ambon City, creating a distinctive diifferent, you can find many attaraction nature and culture. Stories that Luch sea garden, add nutmeg, clover fortreses installations, churches, old mosque, etc. Ambon City is a city that is surrounded by beaches, and not surprising that the most important beaches are subject to public procurement in the tourism sector.

Subacquei Blue Rose is located in Santai and Beach Resort in Latulahat Village, Nusaniwe district, the city of Ambon City. Santai Beach Resort meters wide, and is the only printing. Maluku civil noted that the time really enough to help revitalize tourism in the Moluccas. In other countries want to go to Maluku, especially Ambon City is not necessary to require special Autorisaciation Pasporto from september 2003.


Agustus 08, 2008

Let's go to Sanur Village Festival 2008

It comes from a few minds and the desire to improve the image of Sanur as a major tourist destination in Bali. After a brainstorming session, members of Yayasan Pembangunan Sanur ended with the annual event for the community of Sanur tourism and local communities together through a week-long event dedicated to strengthening the cultural aspects of the region. Therefore, Sanur village festival was first founded in 2006. [= Place: In front of the Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel
JL Pantai Segara

It’s back in its third year, after two very successful previous years. The entertainment and cultural events at the festival balinéskou arts and cultural performances will be this year throughout the Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel in JL Pantai Segara. But this is not only arts and cultural events that will be. There will also marketplace with food, Bonsai and orchidej exhibitions, artistic performances and music for lovers of fashion, and a nice way to show. Of course, there are many other activities to make sure, please, all during these five days after the incident. As with the same last year, will have an international exhibition of cartoons and popular festival jukung local people containers. Of course, the music festival undoubtedly draw the crowds of people on the beach and finally, the festival promises to be the largest so far. Children never left the activities and kite festival will be like them, and security and all adults. The festival is that I'm looking forward to, when the picture. The topic of photos, which are focused on areas of Sanur and prices are at stake.

This is a holiday in Bali should not miss if you have more on the island in early August. Believe me, will not be disappointed.

Third village of Sanur Festival will be held on 6 August - 10, 2008. As in previous celebrations at this year's festival village of Sanur to maintain its focus on the area around Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel in Jalan Pantai Segara in the historical area of Bali Sanur. And, as in previous festivals, visitors will be adversely affected by the choice of activities from which to choose within 5 days after the incident. Back to the list again, the festival jukung local villages ships Music Festival, an international exhibition of cartoons, and almost continuously throughout the festival food every day festival. Organizers have promised a new and interesting activities for the promotion of third March, from the village of Sanur festival.

President of the village of Sanur festival, IB Sidharta Putra, is gung-ho on the prospect of fun and entertainment on offer at this year's festival.

Sidharta said: "This can not believe how quickly time flies, and here are ready for the third festival village of Sanur. This year's celebration will be held in August 6 / 10, Inna Grand Bali Beach. Of course, in this third year now, we better equipped and more willing to entertain our diverse performances come on the agenda of colors. This year we will have kite festival, an international exhibition of cartoons, beach and activities related to water, large and musical performances focusing on equality between jazz crossover. In addition, for those who were witnesses and experienced our food festivals in recent years, the festival definitely be missing Sanur offers offer. I can not wait to see you all back in the village of Sanur, only the festival. "

One case can not be missed is the photo contest will be held again this year. Burning photographers will compete for awards and honors with pictures showing the beauty and uniqueness of Sanur.

For more information about tSanur municipalities Festival 2008 in the official newspaper site, as follows:


Snorkelling and Komodo Dragon Tour

The sea water is a very ideal place komodo for various kinds of activities. Most of the visitors to enjoy the underwater aspects of the komodo very much. This is just like missing a lover's paradise fot he's underwater world. It has many excellent dive spots.

Sea Island komodo beachin its vibrant colors and exotic life, both divers and snorkelers enchant endless number of fish to go to school in the deep sea vents beneath them rushing to the seabed is covered by a thick carpet of fluorescent Crush on coral and marine invertebrates - 1 underwater photographer Paradise .

Komodo the National Park is a native of coral, charalambakis, sharks, turtles, dolphins, dyugongui, many pelagics, small pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, fish, frogs, we have your name. Slight coral sites that vary from easy slopes to 180 heart adrenalin rides, in the warm waters of the Flores Sea north of the Indian Ocean south of the chillier waters of the undersea terrain is so varied and so much a cliff wall, pinakeuljeu, flat sandy bottoms, underwater plateau , Ski resorts, caves, swimming - repeat, channels, all with a variety of colors, sizes and types, both hard and soft coral.

Mokseon the board fisherman who has been modified to enable the carrier suitable for tourism, equipped with radio navigation, electricity, toilets, beds are 6-8 in one big cabin, mattress and a life vest.

Komodo dragon trip fightingaccomodation - komodo dragon tour

The hills above the goal, the Netherlands - Indonesia owns a fishing base and the power room, they're a very good document labuanbajo applies to harbor at least, they are off the main road noise, they provide the food from the restaurant.
Rooms are basic fan gardena, Indonesia can be used with great harbor views, it's rather loud here, as one of the busiest places and near the main road, they are very good restaurants and reasonable prices.
Eco Lodge. Rooms labuanbajo highest levels of power / heated rooms, a swimming pool, the beach near the town, very peaceful, the restaurant offers a variety of dishes.


Agustus 02, 2008

Krakatau Festival 2008 events

Krakatau Festival will held at 25-31 Ausgust 2008 in the province capital Bandar Lampung and in South of Lampung. This event is one of favourite tourism local and international.
What's the agenda in The 18th Krakatau Festival 2008? the commitee Krakatau Festival 2008 makes several attractive schedule that can be seen below

Lampung Provincial Government will held the 18th Krakatau Festival starting from 25-31 August 2008, the event will be taking place in the province capital ‘Bandar Lampung’ and several destination in South of Lampung.

The 18th Krakatau Festival 2008 is one of Indonesia national tourism agenda and is considered as one of the core event in Indonesia tourism. The objective of the event is to attract both international and national tourist to visit the province as well as to attract more investor in tourism sector.


- Traditional Lampung Song Competition | 18 – 19 June | RRI Bandar Lampung
- Muli & Mekhanai Competition Lampung | 16- 19 July | Marcopolo Hotel
- Lampung Traditional Pop Song Galore | 26 – 27 July | Bandar Lampung
- Kiluan Fishing Week | 27 – 29 June | Teluk Kiluan

- Opening Ceremony | 25 August | Bandar Lampung
- Cultural Carnival | 25 August | Bandar Lampug
- Krakatau Night | 25 August | Bandar Lampung
- Lampung Cultural Appreciation | 25 August | Bandar Lampung
- Lampung Art Festival | 26-28 August | Graha Wangsa
- Lampung Expo | 26-31 August | Graha Wangsa
- Krakatau Ritual Ceremony | 26 August | Gunung Anak Krakatau
- International Traditional Mask Festival | 26 August | GOR Saburai Parking Park
- Krakatau Tour | 27 August | Mount Anak Krakatau
- Paramotor Attraction | 25 – 27 August | Mount Krakatau
- International Kite Festival | 28 – 30 August | Kalianda Resort
- Krakatau Off Road & Tourism Rally | 25-28 August | Bandar Lampung
- Krakatau Jetski | 26 – 28 August | Gunung Krakatau
- Festival Tambur Nusantara | 28 – 30 August | GOR Saburai
- Closing Ceremony | 31 August | Graha Wangsa

Contact Details:
Dinas Koperindag Provinsi Lampung
Jl.Cut Meutia No. 23 B
Ph. (+62 721) 482612, 488722
Fax. (+62 721) 481440, 482612

Krakatau Festival XVIII 2008 Secretariat
Dinas Promosi Investasi, Kebudayaan & Pariwisata Provinsi Lampung
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman 29 Bandar Lampung 35127
Ph. (+62 721) 241457
Fax. (+62 0721) 266184