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Indonesia Land: Juli 2009

Indonesia Land

Juli 30, 2009

Sacred Alas Kedaton

Alas Kedaton is located in the village of Marga Subdistrict Kukuh + 4 km from the town of Tabanan. This temple has two very interesting uniqueness. The first has four entrances to the Temple in the west of which is the main entrance from the North, East and South from which all go to the middle of the yard. The second unique, is in that inside yard that is a sacred place is located more lower than middle yard and the outside yard.

That sanctuary is surrounded by a forest inhabited by a group of primates that are considered sacred. Besides, there are also a group of bat which live in bergantungan ramification of large wood and occasionally fly, is a very interesting attraction for both tourists and tourist archipelago world.

Piodalan ceremony in the Temple is a fall on Tuesday (Anggara Love) dau forty days after the Hari Raya Galungan. Which referred to the ceremony begins at noon and must be completed before sunset. Pura is often also called Pura Alas Kedaton or Pura Dalem Kahyangan.

District / City: Tabanan


Juli 29, 2009

Lake Poso Festival at August 2009

Lake Poso Festival will be held again in Tetena, Kabupaten Poso, Central Sulawesi, in the upcoming August 8-11. Organizing the festival is in addition to promoting culture and tourism potential areas of Central Sulawesi, as well as to prove to people in and outside the country that the security factor in Kabupaten Poso is back, so conducive to safe and comfortable visit.

"The Lake Poso Festival 2009 is also manifestationi as the government and the community in order to take back the image of culture and tourism down that had caused the crisis and the prolonged conflict in Poso some time ago," said Minister of Culture and Tourism (Menbudpar) Jero Wacik in the press meet Sapta Pesona building in Jakarta, Tuesday (28 / 7).

According to the committee organizers, the Festival Danau Poso has become a major tourism event in the calendar of this region serve as the place to promote the potential of tourism and culture to the general public both in and outside the country, giving the trust for foreign tourists to travel to Central Sulawesi.

Development of tourism potential in the area of Indonesia and East need to be more spur increased development and tourism development by providing facilities and prasana adequate.

In addition, to become a product of tourism in Central Sulawesi will need to be improved with more support from all parties, both government, business tourism, and the community to participate actively in supporting the activities of tourism areas.

Current crisis and the prolonged conflict in Poso District several years ago has brought the impact on all sectors of community life. Tourism sector is not excluded that the marked decrease of the number of visitors and foreign tourists to the archipelago area.

Poso conflict also caused tourism activities such as Festival Danau Poso become dormant and can be re-established in the last two years in succession.

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Juli 22, 2009

Let's Join to Sail Bunaken 2009

Charming tour titled Sail Bunaken 2009 which will take place in mid-August will serve tens of events to attract more foreign tourists (Wisman) at the same time encourage the development of the tourist archipelago.

"Sail Bunaken 2009 which will take place in mid-August to come mengagendakan has ten main activities," said Director General of Tourism Department of destinations to promote tourism, Firmansyah Rahim, in Sapta Pesona Building in Jakarta, beginning this weekend.

Some of the activities that are held to attract and Wisman wisnus of them sailing fly pass and pass the plan will be led by President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhono in the Bay of Manado, North Sulawesi.

He said, in a sailing pass and pass on the fly Sail Bunaken 2009 has been registered as much as 39 war ships from 26 countries, 4 tallships (Nadezhda / Russia, Dewa Ruci, major tourist Ocean, and Ocean Tunas), and 162 yachts.

"Among the top ten activities in Sail Bunaken 2009 there will be record breaking dive 1500 by divers who will go in the Guinness Book of Records," said Firmansyah.

Department of culture and Tourism and as a member of the committee Sail Bunaken 2009 akan perform reception dinner and cultural performance for the yacht rally.

Government is also making various efforts to other forms of marketing as well as promotional activities to make them in the package tour brochures Discover the Best of Manado, the ads in the electronic media, in front of the Baliho Office Debudpar, Bunaken participate in the Expo, and socialization Sail Bunaken 2009 to the people of Manado .

Meanwhile, Sail Bunaken will followed 50 ships that came from the region gathered in North Australia, East (Japan), and West (Singapore) to do the rally for 2-3 months in the waters of Indonesia.

Boats yachts that will participate in Sail Bunaken this will start arriving in Manado about upcoming August 1. Complete information about this event can be obtained on the site


Juli 17, 2009

Tabanan Held Preteka Merana Ritual

Society Tabanan, Bali, the ritual activities Preteka cremate 112,700 mouse tails and other plant pests that have the type of rice and other palawija.

Ritual activities performed in Yeh Gangga Beach, Tabanan, 60 km west of Denpasar, Friday (17 / 7) using the bade, the pall-bearer of the tower high-rise tower seven.

Activities involving thousands of people from 365 groups subak, that is, organizations in the areas of traditional irrigation agriculture in the area of "rice warehouse."

Chairman of the committee activities, I Wayan Pasek Arimbawa explains, the ritual preparation activities conducted since six months ago that the cost of Rp200 million from the self-reliance of farmers and the donors.

Rodents and other pests attack the crop "rice warehouse" Tabanan since the last three years and merusakan more than 22,000 hectares of rice crops.

In addition, the plant also palawija over hundreds of hectares of land, so that farmers lose a large amount of rice fields and fields in relation to which the object of hope they do not bring in more results as expected.

"Through activities Preteka away, we all believe is no longer with the pest. Thus, the agricultural sector which is the object of life is able to provide the public welfare," said Wayan Pasek Arimbawa.

Ritual activities by the beach is made as Ngaben ceremony (cremation) for human remains that aims to restore the five elements in a very blind to the universe.

Cremation procession of thousands of mice, including five in the tail which is as king of pests that, beginning with the accompaniment accompaniment-bade, offerings, and other bebantenan edge toward the beach.

Thousands of dead mice after the holy water diperciki (Tirta) by the clergy, and then burned abunya dilarung to the sea. Similarly, "bade" is burned participate.

Activities that involve thousands of people from various corners of the village and subak in Tabanan is in progress since morning to evening.

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Adventure Along Sekonyer River

Kalimantan is the island of a thousand rivers. River-bend of a river-like contortion split dragon land. River is a main transportation routes on the island. However, more than just transportation routes, rivers in Kalimantan also have a potential for tourism. In Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, precisely in the area Tanjung Putting National Park, West District Kotawaringin, Sekonyer River, offers action adventure.

"River Sekonyer, a tourism potential. Therefore, the potential will be developed," said the Head of Development of Tourism destinations Culture and Tourism Office (Disbudpar) Kalteng Meyarti Aida, SH, in Palangkaraya, on Thursday (16 / 7).

According to Aida Meyarti, Sekonyer River is often visited by foreign tourists. Sekonyer River is a river transport routes to TNTP area in which there is the location of the rehabilitation of rare animals Orang Utan.

Advantages compared Sekonyer River than another river of the natural environment is beautiful and there are animal species that is unique and interesting. Kumai River in the path is part of the River Sekonyer there is a type of pesut. In addition, there are also animals that local people called the animal as "dugong-dugong." Dugong-dugong, also known as sea cows because their habitat is the area of sea grass in the creek.

In addition, the travel path Sekonyer with kelotok River (boat motor tempel) tour, will travel through the area dominated mangrove tree mangrove (Rhizophora spp), tree pidada (Sonneratia spp) is the root of the breath (pneumatophore). Another tree in the travel path is kendeka (Bruguiera spp), and the tree nirih (Xylocarpus spp).

Cite a historical note, Aida Meyarti explains, Crocodile River is the name of the original Sekonyer River, the name Sekonyer taken from the name of a ship that is Sikuner ship. Name of the original ship is changed based on the Malay language became Sekonyer.

During the Dutch colonial government, at the mouth of Sungai Buaya berlabuhlah a pirate ship or pirate. Ship is sinking right in the mouth of Sungai Buaya because shooted by a named Bujang with a small cannon called "Palembang" belonging to an Islamic religious leader, "Kyai Gede."

Cannon may only shooted by the descendants of Kyai Gede or the descendant of one of the Dayak tribe Gambu, by approximately Sekonyer and the name is often used to take the name of the original Crocodile River is.

Travel path of the river and then find this area of the plant nipah (Nypa fruticans Wurmb) area trees rasau ago, and then continue to Tanjung Harapan village Sekonyer, where Pesalat conservation education, tourism Tanggui Pondok, Pondok soar, Ali Estuary, Long Lake to camp Leakey, the location of the rehabilitation orangutans.


Juli 15, 2009

Pangandaran Kite Festival 2009

Pangandaran Kite Festival 2009 Festival or Researcher in the Pangandaran, which was held back in Pangandaran Beach Tour Ciamis Regency, upcoming 17-19 July 2009, the special attention Dede Yusuf, who confess to 'lift' annual event has become international event.

"In the future, Paper Kite Festival will be encouraged to become international event, and even now already kites followed by fans from abroad," said Vice Governor of West Java, Dede Yusuf, in Bandung, Rabu (15 / 7).

According to Dede, Pangandaran Kite Festival is one of the tour event, which is expected to take up the visitors to the Speed this weekend.

That activity has become one of the typical activities, in the Pangandaran routine performed in mid-July in each year.

In addition, together with the Festival also be other activities, such as the Bazar and exhibitions and the selection daughter beach.

"Festival kite in Pangandaran is so characteristic of, other activities such as the Sea Festival in Sukabumi," said Dede Yusuf.

Categories in the Pangandaran kites festival itself divided into several categories, both in the aesthetics as well as the technique. This activity as the creation event penggemar kites, both domestic and international.

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Juli 10, 2009

Um island, Virgin Beach in District Makbon

The beach lover fancies can often drift in an island in the middle of the sea treat the 'promise of paradise'. Not only the free swimming, but also freely sunbathing, playing well, and even enjoy a warm giant ball sinking in the earth behind the back. Kecipak sunset beach with wind pendulum always catch, anesthetize to stay longer in the mouth beach.

Luxury of beach and sky with a tinge keunguan that you can jumput on the island of Um. Island in the District Makbon, Sorong, West Papua, has become one of the goals that must sambangi if you are in the most eastern region of Indonesia. Eits. Do not bergidik hear the word 'island'. Um small island, but you only need 15 minutes to circumnavigate the island be naked feet.

Only one that can be promised a visit to the island of Um, the tranquility that is the style of virgin beaches and the natural richness of nature that actually do not want to hide from the touch of a newcomer.

If you like diving, do not forget to bring your equipment. The island of Um akan spoil your senses with karag treat a variety of fish, turtle, lola, TERIPANG, lobster, and beautiful coral reefs that terpahat natural.

Enjoy the beautiful panorama of the sea bottom Um very interesting because sea sasi system that is applied Malaumkarta Village residents. Sasi is the prohibition of the sea to catch certain types of marine fauna in the area in a period of time agreed by the community.

Malaumkarta village which is located opposite the island of Um this role contributed to the beauty of nature under the sea island of Um. The people who live around the island and the village of Um Malaumkarta living as fishermen and have the awareness to keep the sea. With the restriction to catch fish with nets and the bomb, only the fishermen get fish with the fishing.

This island is often used by fishermen as a place to stay over when they catch fish. If you are lucky to meet the fishermen who come around, you can taste fresh fish of enjoyment of fresh fuel from the ocean. Usually the fishermen here are willing to sell some of their catch. Tengiri a fish or bubara enough for four people can share you with a sheet tebus Rp 20,000.

Um on the island, you will also find thousands of bats that make this island as a habitat. Bats swarm bergantungan this life on the tree. While catching the opportunity to enjoy a flying bat groups and descend from one tree to another tree.

It's too pity to miss the island of Um collaborate compacted sand with water and white color shade of verdure, the birds chirp bersahutan, bats flying tebaran find food, and score in the west orange tinge reap the phosphorescence in the golden heart. True, Um is the island's answer to luxury dicecap by the beach lovers.

Can be, you will feel a contriver Island Um. The beach is not as hectic beaches are loaded with another derisive laughter the penikmatnya. Instead, this beach is very quiet, not many more who know the treasure trove in the beauty of this island.

So, how to get the luxury of paradise in West Papua this?

Well, here's how. To reach the island of Um, you have to go through the land Makbon. City of Sorong, available to the public transport fare Makbon with Rp 15.000 one way. Travel as far as 40 kilometers will be in about 2 to 3 hours.

Arrive in Makbon, you still need to continue the journey to the island of Longboat Um using rented; know, is not yet available public transportation to get there. This Longboat for rent, you have to fish pocket of Rp 300,000 to drive for 30 minutes to arrive on the island of Um.


Juli 03, 2009

Unique Waves Lakey Beach

STRONG waves and high, that is sought by a surfer. By the wave, the perpetrators of water sports is full of challenges, a desire to place, from the originally very far though.

So going to the beach Lakey, the Dompu Regency, which is located on the island of Sumbawa. Although remote, this place is able to attract foreign tourists, who want to test its ability, in the challenging waves.

Dompu district is one of the three districts on the island of Sumbawa, one of the main island, in the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat. Dompu city, main city of the same name with kabupatennya, in the 17th century, the sultanate is the center, associated with the Kingdom of Gowa Makassar.

The majority of District residents live Dompu hang on agriculture. This area has enough fertile land for agriculture. Some of the other, as a select herd of cattle. There are also more like the fishermen, who rely on the sea as a source of life.

Dompu district also has the potential of tourism. In addition Satonda Island and Mount Tambora which was simply known, there are also some sites that relied, as in Hu''u Village, located about 40 kilometers from the city Dompu. This historical form of the tomb and sit carved stone tomb, and the trail foot larger than the size of normal human feet of time now.

Not far from the location of the site, the Village has a rich natural Hu''u very captivating, the Lakey Beach overlooking the Indian Ocean. On holidays, the beach is a place of recreation Dompu. Once a year, this event was made beach volleyball tourney.

Nevertheless, do not just sell Lakey beach charm. More than that, have a marine waves, which digandrungi the surfer, from all over the world.

Lakey Beach with it's waves, found by an Australian citizen, in the early 1980s. Since that, the previous village is very quiet and away from the crowd, turned into Heaven, for surfer from overseas. Great location, not hinder them to come.

At least surfer close of the countries neighboring Australia and New Zealand and Japan, a guest subscription. While most tourists come from Europe English and French. Even some who came from Brazil, a country in Latin America, which is geographically very far from Indonesia.

For Alexandra Kagaya, time to fly for 30 hours, the ditempuhnya from Sao Paulo in Brazil, to Bima in Sumbawa Island, not to mention the two half-hour land journey to reach the beach Lakey, is not a big issue.

For the layman, waves in the sea water is just a collection of the roll, and broken by the beach, due to the wind stimulus. But not so for surfer. They can distinguish the good waves and challenging. Lakey along the beach, there are many waves that are named in accordance with the character of each. There is a periscope height can reach six meters, have Nengas the arusnya quickly, there are Noman, because the level of complexity, no one dares to try it.

From the various waves, the tune is the most Lakey Peak. The waves the ability to broken to the left and right. Surfer so two people can play to these two directions. Perhaps, the wave length of not more than 50 meters, only one in the world.

So sometimes, the fight must surper to be able to play in the waves this. In addition to variations, Lakey stable in waves, so that it can be used year-round playground for surfing. This is different from the waves in other places, that is only good at certain seasons.


Juli 01, 2009

Enjoy Sensation Swimming with Sharks

ON the island of Menjangan Karimunjawa, Jepara, Central Java, there is a location where we would be kidding with the sharks, white sharks (carcharodon carsharias) without feeling afraid.

"Do not cling tails. If held, could be bitten. Just Wipe head only. Nggak bite kok," said Karso, one of the crew of the boat into the time we visited one of the floating houses on the island of Menjangan Besar, Taman Nasional Karimun Jawa, Jepara.

In the floating home is the place of lodging for the tourists here, tens of shark measuring between 1-1,5 meters maintained. By the owner, shark has become a kind of entertainment for tourists who stay in the house is floating. Later, as interest of tourists visiting these locations, the houses float managers who want to invite tourists to swim with menjajal adrenalin collection of sharks.

Cost for entry, the manager did not specify the cost of tickets. "Normally, the cost of entry for a group of only Rp 20,000," said Karso.

That's not expensive. Moreover, these fares include borrowing Snorkling equipment, such as goggle, snorkle, and fin.

Lisa, one of the Dutch origin of the student center to exchange students in Yogyakarta, confess, he was initially terrified at the swimming pool shark measuring about 9 mx 9 m's. "At first I fear, but this is a remarkable experience, why do not I try it," he said in the dialect of English.

There are two swimming shark floating in the house that was built 18 years ago that. The first pond, measuring approximately 3m x 7m, is exactly in front of the home that leads to the high seas. In this pond, tourists not permitted to swim. Given that, other than the white shark populated but there are also fish barakuda who are violent.

According to How (53), the houseboat, there are about a dozen various types of fish. However, that is quite a lot of white sharks and barakuda with a variety of sizes. "Fish that most sharks gede size 50 kg. All of her children. Induk them already dead. There was four. Three dead, one was brought to Ancol," said I, who have worked in the home belonging to Mr. James for 20 years.

Fish is a result of the fishermen to catch and then kept as a decoy for the guests who come to the homeless.

Guests or visitors who come in the homeless, only allowed in the swimming pool is located next to the left homeless. In addition there are sharks in the pond also have a turtle-sized big enough. Is not he know the details, but the turtle is already in the area homeless since 5 years ago.

In addition to the homeless that is managed, there are sharks swimming in the floating wisma Jaya Karimun, property (alm) Ismarjoko. Wisma floating in this, there are several different types of shark size.

According Diah, one of the managers in the homeless, the shark-sharks that are classified as violent. However by giving food and regular enough, fish will not attack those who want to swim in the pool shark found in the homeless are. "Ad also do a dare to swim. Nggak what-what. Kan already be eating enough and regularly. Usually if they have a glut tame-tame aja. Origin do not have wound down to the pond pas," he said.

"Usually, the international tourists swim here," he added.

Not difficult to reach the floating home on the island of Menjangan is. Fishermen from the port in the village Karimunjawa time not only through more than ten minutes away by boat carteran belong to the fishermen, the tariffs range between Rp 250,000 to Rp 300,000 for a full day rental.

Java Karimunjawa Islands consist of 27 small islands located in the Java sea. Located approximately 83 km north of Jepara. Of 27 islands, only five inhabited islands, namely Pulau Karimunjawa, Kemujan, Parang, Mosquitoes, and Genting.

In addition to bercengkerama sensation with the shark, the sand white beaches extend the lips into a small island menjangan attraction itself. This location can also be used as an area of sea-water therapy.

There are two alternative routes of transportation of the sea can be used to Karimunjawa, ie, using the Port of KMP Muria Jepara Kartini or fast boat from the port Karimunjawa Tanjung Mas Semarang. However, transportation is one that, since a month ago, in a damaged condition and the fixed. This causes a bump in passenger KMP Muria last for a month. In sepekan, there are two scheduled cruises from Jepara to Karimunjawa, namely Wednesday and Saturday.

Well, if you have visited the Karimunjawa, it's good to try a challenge that can test your adrenalin. Will be guaranteed the experience will not be forgotten.