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Indonesia Land: Februari 2009

Indonesia Land

Februari 19, 2009

Ecotourism at Mountain Hagen

If you plan to visit MT. Hagen Show tour, be sure to consider the Goroka Show, one of the best and most exciting show in the Highlands. Similar to the famous Mt Hagen Show, you can witness a vibrant and exotic performances of the whole group Sing-Sing, Papua New Guinea.

This program is a journey you Sepia Highlands and cultures in Papua New Guinea. Begin from the beautiful Waghi Valley, Rondon Ridge, Mt Hagen and then tour the surrounding areas. You can continue to cruise the river and its tributaries Sepia. Travel in Karawari Lodge, Karawari Perched on the ridge overlooking the river and the Sepia pool. You can learn about the wonders of ecology, culture and history of this remote and beautiful corner of the planet. Then, the experience of cultural extravaganza, the Goroka Show. Time during the show, you can stay in the Paradise Hotel is situated a magnificent bird Goroka. From Goroka, will travel to the Highlands in the Tari Valley - home to the FLAMBOYANT HulĂ­n people. Thirteen species of birds of paradise here, human hair wig, and spectacular views await the intrepid traveler looking for the ultimate trip.


Februari 07, 2009

Swim With Dolphine in Kiluan Bay

The dolphin intelligence, playfulness and friendliness, the built-in smile and merry-looking eyes is a source of interest and fascination of Human Beings from the earliest times, it is a common figure in mythology and literature and depicted many arts, especially the thoughts of his graceful, curved, 30-foot (9 m) jump. Dolphins have long known for driving the bow of ship, and it is now known that they take on arch of the great whales. Now they are valued and exploited as Entertainers more than 40 shows of water worldwide and are available for a broad education.

Everyone should have the opportunity to swim with dolphins at least once in their lives. Many places where you can tour a dolphin or a dolphin swimming, but there are few things for when making your choice. If you have a swimming Dolphine means that sea water is clean because Dolphine live in a clean spacious environment.
Come and see the nature of the performance Dophine in Kiluan Tranggamus
Dolphine Parade enveronment this see Kiluan Lampung Province, Dolph Ines is fascinating animals and we have a lot of interesting Dolphine. The name dolphin, meaning "beaked," is used in a dace
Clean and healthy living conditions for the dolphins
If you are more comfortable with a dolphin swimming in a controlled environment, especially for operations possible to ensure that dolphins live in a clean, cozy environment. Some relatively large considering that a wild dolphin, the entire ocean around the dolphin swim dolphin Resorts should be able to swim and play rather large, deep ponds with live fish to hunt. Ideally, the dolphin must connect the environment with fresh ocean water. This is a great way to swim with dolphins if you have more structure to the experience and also ensures that you will swim with dolphins instead of hope.
If you want to come and see the nature Dolphine attractive, we recommend 08 to 10 hours Dolphine Parade this performance you can see them everyday. Nico Lumanauw


Februari 05, 2009

Last Day in Bukttinggi

I do not expect smmoth way but it was the worst, a trip by bus to pass. I clicked on the bus for the implementation of Bukittinggi Parapat toba lake in the direction of the equator. What the west of the bus, the Grand ... bus'es here, but the smoke really bad and Indonesian tourists. The trip was 16 hours and travel a lot, not all dirt in the streets, but if you need a 4x4. Way up and down all the mountains and the economy is on the bus swerves over the place so much ...

Seriously, after about 2 hours it was very bad, and at this moment, at least half the people on the bus was vomiting in a small pocket of aging and plastric .. (if Getinge Givin Ur plastic bag on a bus in Asia and know Ur gross one) is not a nice sight. In addition, half is really to fly, especially when the bus is on the earth, and we all need to give a press conference from the bus Run and after .. I do not have any sleep, and the whole bus just haze of cigarette smoke, I knew we werent far from 6 Bukittinggi morning bus goes to the mosque and the prayer of the half went on the bus .. . So much for schedules.
Chewing on sugar cane hikes
During the chewing of sugar cane, transitions

So when finally Bukittingggi on the bus and pack for any reason dirty. As the bus I noticed my bag was too wet when I opened the inside, all the clothes were soaking. The bus stopped at some point in the middle of the Nite, the boys with a hammer and hammering or fixing something .. Moreover, it is necessary to my bag and left in the pool that .. Fuckers .. bag and each item of clothing was so dirty and Sappi was the only part of the whole lot, laundry, check in at the hotel Orchid .. Only was the dress is that it brings more or less over the last 24 hours is just too nervous.

Otherwise, I can power one days, and then click on the bar Simon Bedudala recommended coffee for me. Hang This is a common and have many different people here. The staff of each voice and the food is great there. Bukittinggi while walking in the city, which was good. The only problem is that the hotel, the ceremony of the mosque so that the speaker from 4:30 to lead prayer, etc., and can not sleep .. Was good when I go back to the hotel for one or two nites a half after four o'clock this morning was Bedudala, the rest of the time that a murderer and prayer as 5 times a day.
Flying Fox .. easy to see that here
Flying Fox .. difficult, although

On Saturday, I go to the lake Jefry guide Maninjau coffee that Simon is recommended. This is a bit cheeky Lawang Trek mountain village is at the top of the bus, and then trekked the mountain, I see all things cool and along the bush road through rice fields to the beach house has a guest ceremony on the beach. Swam in the pool thing is so quiet in the heat, although in the evening. This place is also known as host of the World Cup effect glide appearantly. The next day, after a series of swimming and resting on a bus ride Sakura is at the top of the hill, about 44 hairpin turns in rapid succession, the nuts. Save, and then back to the village of Silver Siano Bukittinggi gorge, but deserved drink. In Nite was very tired to wake up and suddenly my bed was shaking a little ... I thought for a minute is not some funny business in the next room, but it really is an earthquake shook northern Sumatra, and that we, Getinge tremmors.

I spent the last day Bukittinggi takeing and take only the market should admit to a large group, we had a good Nite Bedudala counter.