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Indonesia Land: 200 Foreign Monks Will Present at Borobudur

Indonesia Land

Mei 27, 2010

200 Foreign Monks Will Present at Borobudur

Magelang - A total of 200 foreign monks from various countries are condemned to come to attend the celebration of Vesak 2554 BE/2010 at Borobudur Temple, 28 May. They came from Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, England, and Australia.

Assurance was conveyed by the presence of monks Vidyaka Sabha Chairman Representative Indonesian Buddhists (Walubi), Suhu Dhyanavira, on the sidelines of the ritual of storage and fire penyakralan Mrapen, Grobogan, the Borobudur Temple, Tuesday (25 / 5) evening. Fire from Mrapen stored in temples with water from Umbul Jumprit, stored since last Monday.

Suhu Dhyanavira say, the Dalai Lama had expressed his desire to join in the celebration of Vesak at the Borobudur Temple this year. "However, for some reason, he canceled the visit," he said.

A large number of foreign monks who came to show the conditions in individual countries does not affect anything against their interest to celebrate Vesak at the Borobudur Temple. For instance Thailand who was hit by political unrest, since the far-distant days, already expressed a desire to send some monks to Borobudur Temple.

Chairman Walubi Siti Hartati Murdaya said Vesak celebrations this year feels different, and more festive than usual because the two organizations of Buddhism, Walubi and KASI will get together to celebrate Vesak. However, for this year's celebration locations remain separated, at KASI Mendut, and Walubi in Borobudur temple.

"The difference is the celebration at this location as a manifestation of democracy which flourished in Buddhism," She said. Previously, the celebration of Vesak KASI done every year, and Walubi alternately in Borobudur temple.

This year the theme of the celebration of Vesak "Sowing Seeds of Virtue." This theme is picked up one of Buddhism, that every people should be as much as possible to do good to the environment.


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