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Indonesia Land

Juni 08, 2010

Kebo-Keboan Ritual will be Held in Alasmalang

BANYUWANGI - Ritual 'kebo-keboan' as an expression of thanks for abundant crops of farmers in the village Alasmalang, District Singojuruh, Banyuwangi, East Java, scheduled to held on Sunday (11 / 1). Executor Duties (Plt) Head of Tourism Department of Banyuwangi, Hadi Sucipto, Monday (5 / 1), said the ritual 'kebo-keboan' by 18 local village youth, as a form of thanks to God for the abundant harvest and avoid the danger of disease deadly.

Tradition 'kebo-keboan' trusted first held around 300 years ago. Karti great-grandfather, the founder of the ritual had wangsit do "kebo-keboan". Because, the village was being terrorized Alasmalang pagebluk (plague), then at night during the ill died.
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Juni 03, 2010

Lake Sentani Festival Ready to Held

Sentani - Community Jayapura, Papua, especially residents who live in the area of Lake Sentani cultural feast is ready to hold a grand Sentani Lake Festival which took place June 19 to 23 had been due to come.
Communities around the lake really was prepared to hold this annual cultural feast.

"From the results of FDS in the field monitoring committee, the community that exists around the lake really was prepared to hold this annual cultural feast," said Chairman of the Committee of FDS Ir. Anna Osh Sawai, in Sentani, Jayapura regency capital, on Tuesday (01/06/2010).

Described, each village has its own advantages such as culinary, craft tempayang households out of clay, and so was ready to take part in this annual cultural feast. Villages around Lake Sentani will mostly visited by domestic tourists and foreign tourists.

Anna said the friendliness of the people welcomed the invited guests while testing a tour of Lake Sentani tour held last week described the community of Jayapura is ready to receive anyone who will come to visit their village.

"They were enthusiastically welcomed our presence with the tourists who come by showing the results of his own handiwork, including culinary-based, such as a typical Papua betatas, sago, etc.," she said.

Development vision that made the town Jayapura Sentani as a tourist destination in Papua realized that ultimately provide added value to the economic improvement of society in this area.
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Juni 01, 2010

NYC Walking Tours Information

Do you need Guided Walking Tours in New York City? The following article will give you the complete information about walking tours NYC. Tourism or tourism is a journey undertaken for recreation or vacation, and also preparations for this event. A tourist or a tourist is someone who travels at least 80 km (50 miles) from his house with the purpose of recreation, is defined by the World Tourism Organization. A more complete definition, tourism is a service industry. They deal with services ranging from transportation, hospitality services, shelter, food, beverages, and other related services such as banking, insurance, security, etc. And also offers a place to rest, culture, escape, adventure, and other new and different experiences.
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Mei 31, 2010

Water Tourism Tricks

Children's world is a world of play. When play or travel with children, try to always slip a valuable experience that children can learn and add insight. One of them with day trips to the water rides. So, what preparations should be done before asking child to play water? read more


Mei 27, 2010

200 Foreign Monks Will Present at Borobudur

Magelang - A total of 200 foreign monks from various countries are condemned to come to attend the celebration of Vesak 2554 BE/2010 at Borobudur Temple, 28 May. They came from Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, England, and Australia.

Assurance was conveyed by the presence of monks Vidyaka Sabha Chairman Representative Indonesian Buddhists (Walubi), Suhu Dhyanavira, on the sidelines of the ritual of storage and fire penyakralan Mrapen, Grobogan, the Borobudur Temple, Tuesday (25 / 5) evening. Fire from Mrapen stored in temples with water from Umbul Jumprit, stored since last Monday.

Suhu Dhyanavira say, the Dalai Lama had expressed his desire to join in the celebration of Vesak at the Borobudur Temple this year. "However, for some reason, he canceled the visit," he said.
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