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Indonesia Land: Desember 2009

Indonesia Land

Desember 24, 2009

Enjoying the Warmth of Sunrise Beach Sanur

Denpasar - Sanur, a tourist resort in Bali which is known the world earlier than Kuta. The beauty, tranquility and panoramic sunrise beach becomes the belle of the tourists who long for peace.

Sanur tourist area commonly visited by tourists from Europe. They chose to seek peace of Sanur. Because the conditions in the Sanur Beach is very different from the hustle and bustle of Kuta by domestic and foreign tourists who love freedom.

Sanur also has a hotel to five-star jasmine. One of the most famous hotel is the Grand Bali Beach. In celebration of new year 2010, the hotel occupancy rate is already full. Hotel Sanur Beach will be filled by overseas and domestic tourists.

The beauty of Sanur beach is a panoramic sunrise. To enjoy the sunrise over the morning had to come to Sanur beach. The beauty of sunrise in Sanur will be felt if the atmosphere is very bright.

"Usually a lot of tourists walking along the beach to enjoy the sunrise," said one souvenir seller Putu Darsini.

After the warm sunlight, a variety of activities on the beach stretched. Tourists can enjoy water sports (water sport) on this beach. With the wave conditions are calm, this beach is suitable for snorkeling, diving, canoeing, banana boat or parasailling. In fact, sport can try a more challenging wind surfing.

If you want to enjoy other unique attractions, tourists can cross to the island of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida is visible from Sanur beach. Many fishermen who rent out motor boats to Nusa Lembongan.

Sanur is also a culinary tour very enjoyable. One of the favorite food in Sanur is the food of fish and satay. There is a very famous shop is the shop of Madame Benk. Shop that provides soup and fried fish is located on the Sanur beachfront hotel adjacent to the Grand Bali Beach.


Desember 17, 2009

Watch Out, Can't Book Hotels in Yogyakarta and Bali

For those of you who plan to visit Bali or Yogyakarta during the holidays later this year, it's good if booked hotel rooms from now on. Section, in this hotel room reservation rates in the region has reached 90 percent.

"If for resort areas like Bali or Yogyakarta is already full of all. Now where we have 90 percent, I think in all the hotels too. Next week would be hard to find a hotel in those areas," said Vice President Hotel Sahid Jaya, Yanti Sukamdani Hardjoprakoso, Jakarta, Thursday (17/12/2009). Moreover, Mary adds, in his hotel booking rates for the Bintan, Manado, and the region Ancol, Jakarta also experienced jumps compared to previous months.

As for urban areas such as Jakarta, booking a room at Hotel Sahid it is still relatively stable and has not experienced an increase. Based on the experience of the previous year, hotel room occupancy rate in the new urban area will increase as the end of the year began on December 30 until January 1. "If even a quiet town.'ll Fit the new end busy year because it celebrates the new year," She said.

She estimates, booking levels during the Christmas holidays will be increased compared to last year. This is caused by global economic conditions this year began to recover again. "If I think overall this year, hotel room occupancy rate similar to last year. I wonder the same," She said.


Desember 11, 2009

Dig Information Before Holidays

KNOWING the location of your holiday destination is important, even keep a little mystery about the place is also very enjoyable holiday. There are several things you should learn before you go to a place to vacation.

1. Information on food
If you are undergoing a strict diet by eating only raw foods only, get as much information as possible about a country that also offers many kinds of food like that.

Japan is one of the most suitable place for you to undergo a strict diet and may undergo a vegetarian. Sometimes you might think to break the diet during the holidays and even after that. However, consider the effect you're after a holiday. You certainly do not want to, dress your office suddenly becomes narrow is not it?

2. Consider the political situation

You certainly would not travel to a country whose political situation was hot, unless you are doing it on purpose.

However, if already there, you need to reschedule aircraft, for example, and you must be connected to different airports in different countries. Assessing the political situation closest countries to schedule your departure is the right idea.

3. Read reviews on travel sites
Browsing some travel sites, as is well known that Wikitravel. Use your time to find out find out customs, geography and cultural norms of the State of your visit.

4. Follow your intuition
Do not always BASED to a place that is often exposed, because it is not unusual to have a place of beauty that can not be forgotten. The best moments are unforgettable and unexpected journey.

For example, Bangkok is identical to the floating market and Pattaya beach. However, there were many other tourist attractions are no less good. Or maybe you're lost in the mountains when going to the Alpine mountain, so use your intuition. This Intusisi can make your vacation is different.

5. Specify accommodations
This last point is also important to the four already described above. You certainly do not want, do not feel comfortable even if it does not seem abandoned well prepared for lodging there.

Your budget for lodging costs may be minimal, and you think that the cheap lodging does not have good quality. Begin to find out through google accommodation cheap but you still feel comfortable.


Desember 08, 2009

Bantimurung Waterfalls and Butterfly Paradise

National Park Bantimurung, Maros, South Sulawesi, became one of the most popular tourist tourists, both local, national and foreign.

"Bantimurung National Park has many uniqueness which makes it as one of the tourist and recreation destination," said National Park officials Bantimurung, Abidin in Maro.

The National Park Bantimurung is a natural park the proudest people of South Sulawesi. Its location in the valley with a steep limestone hill with tropical vegetation.

Not surprisingly, this area also became a limestone mining area as a cement raw material. Unfortunately, this kind of activity if continued would be very damaging nature and potential of tourism itself.

Bantimurung Nature Park is also famous for its waterfalls, caves, and the butterfly. This place is only about 30 kilometers (km) from Makassar City.

Abidin explains, species of butterflies in the butterfly museum also has Bantimurung two caves that can be used as a special interest tours, Batu Caves and Cave Dreams.

"Bantimurung known as a butterfly paradise because of all the species here. At least 20 species of butterflies are protected by the government and established through Government Regulation No. 7 / 1999," he said.

Some unique species found only in Sulawesi, which is Troides helena Linne, Troides hypolitus Cramer, Troides haliphron Boisduval, Papilo adamantius, and Cethosia myrana.

He said that in 1856-1857 Alfred Russel Wallace spent most of his life here to examine different types of butterflies. "Wallace said Bantimurung is 'The Kingdom of Butterfly' (the kingdom of butterflies)," he said.

"Therefore, based on studies of English people there are 150 species of butterflies here and this is the main attraction for tourists," he said.


Green Pastures of Sumba Island

SUMBA Island is famous for the beautiful horses and green pastures. Smooth asphalt road from the airport Tambolaka to Waikabubak, the capital of West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, our eyes are pampered with the prairie landscape and green plants, combined with a herd of buffalo and horses shepherd by his master. Do not be surprised if the car suddenly had to stop because there was a buffalo or a horse across the street.

Unfortunately, modern life is only a stop on the highway connecting the kabupaten. If we go into deeper territory, which is found traditional houses and walled thatched bambang. Under the house, people keep livestock-cattle, like pigs, goats, and chickens. Sumba society often called the tower house.

Public life was still simple compounded by a lack of clean water facilities. Clean water supplies are distributed by trucks that come from the district capital to rural areas. Dozens of jerry cans of water line in each reservoir.

Parents, youth, and children carrying jerry cans full of clean water, walked over to their respective homes. The situation appeared in parts of Southwest Sumba.

Social level of a family can be seen from the number of cattle owned. Although the condition is still houses a traditional, daily life is poor, but a family is considered wealthy if they have a lot of cattle.

Sumba community animal horn used to store the cut in party events such as weddings and traditional ceremonies.

For example, a house in District Loli, West Sumba, full of buffalo horn. Hundreds of buffalo horns mounted on the house of a family. From the number of mounted buffalo horn, society considers that the owner of the house is rich.