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Indonesia Land: Oktober 2009

Indonesia Land

Oktober 24, 2009

Enjoying The Beauty of Krakatoa Nirwana Resort

Tired with the activities of working in a big city? Enjoying the beach and staying at the seaside resort is one of the "medice" away stress.

Not far from Jakarta, there are several resorts with beautiful beaches that can be targeted with the family visit, one of Travelers Krakatoa Nirwana Resort in South Lampung.

My trip to the resort started from Jakarta to Merak, Banten, Banten. The journey takes about two hours. From Merak on the western tip of Java island, I crossed the Sunda Strait during the 2.5 hours. With the ferry ride, I headed Bakauheni Port, Lampung, who had entered the mainland island of Sumatra.

From the port Bakauheni, the trip continues through the Trans-Sumatra road to the resort located in the City Kalianda, South Lampung. The journey takes about an hour travel to see a big gate that read: Krakatoa Nirwana Resort.

From the gate, the access road began to shrink and winding up to the resort.

Starting from the port to close the resort Bakauheni not much good scenery during the trip. Only the houses, agricultural land, and coconut trees that lined look.

However, all that changed when I began to enter the resort area by the area's 350 hectares. Once arrived, the first sight that caught my attention was the beach that became "porch" resort. White sand, blue sea, the rustling sound of the waves, the tree lined shore makes peace of mind.

Right in front of the resort was built pier winding stretches into the sea with a length of about 200 meters. Edge of the dock lights fitted to illuminate the dock since sunset.

As the afternoon, from the pier, visitors can see clearly adorable herd of ornamental fish to swim freely among the beautiful coral reefs. But during the day, coral and fish flock was visible for the reflection of sunlight.

From the dock, too, to the west, we can see the view of Mount Rajabasa. This mountain height is 1281 meters above sea level. In addition, there are dozens of charts fisherman's fish floating in the ocean.

The resort owned by PT Bakrieland Development was divided into two homes, cottages and hotels which the two floors. Cottage consists of 36 rooms of minimalist style with wooden decor. Various types are offered, ranging from 14 Delux rooms, 16 Superior rooms, Junior Suite 4 rooms, and the Krakatau Suite 2 rooms.

Some of the rooms overlooking the beach made. Meanwhile, the hotel consists of 40 standard rooms are all facing the beach.

To pamper guests, the resort manager to provide various facilities, ie swimming pool, coffee shop, theater and karaoke room, meeting rooms, a sports park, out bound, and other facilities.

Manager also provides facilities for beach activities, such as banana boats, canoes, jet skiing, and cycling.

I also chose canoeing. Direct guide to prepare canoes and buoys on the beach. I was riding a canoe and began paddling in the waters around the coast and not in very clear.

During rowing, from the canoe, I can see clearly herd coral reefs and fish. Bored canoeing, diving and swimming just freely with ocean fish.

Night at the resort was no less exciting. Having exhausted their activities on the beach, I was treated to delicious variety of seafood in the restaurant which was located on the edge of the beach. Shrimp, fish, fresh squid, all covered with burnt with certain spices. Dish plus fresh vegetables, soy sauce, chili Seruit Lampung typical spicy enough. Steady ....

I eat ravenously while serving diembusi shore wind and chanting songs of nostalgia that came from the corner of the room. Atmosphere that increase appetite.

Satiated with dinner, I was moved to the lobby lounge to listen to the show directly from a group. There is also provided minibar and two pool tables. Missing all fatigue during activities in Jakarta.

Besides enjoying the beauty of the resort, the manager also provides a variety of activities outside the resort which we can choose. From the resort, we can travel to the islands around the South Lampung, such as Setiga Island, hermit crab, Sebesi, Sebuku, Sebuku Small, Legundi, and Kiluan.

The most interesting trip was to Mount Anak Krakatau is still active.

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Oktober 14, 2009

Sambabo Waterfall Compete Niagara Waterfall

Sambabo waterfall in the Village District Ulumambi Mamasa District Bambam, who become a mainstay West Sulawesi regional tour that is not less beautiful as Niagara waterfall in America.

"Tourists who have visited the waterfall Sambabo rate, these waterfalls can rival the beauty of Niagara waterfalls are beautiful in the world," said Head of Tourism and Cultural District Edison Mamasa Harnal in Mamuju Tanga, Monday.

He said that the waterfall has a beautiful Sambabo amazing enough for the foreign tourists were at an altitude of 400 meters is approximately 10 miles from city Mamasa or approximately 300 kilometers from Polewali Mandar.

In addition, a waterfall that comes from the Samba and Botto, has a beautiful panoramic mountain dilereng being among the mountains and steep boulders and sustainable forests.

The waterfall has been busy visiting foreign tourists such as Germany and the Netherlands who want to enjoy nature tourism as an area of Mamasa District who became an icon of tourism, he said.

But according to him, the waterfall is not professionally managed so that tourism is not natural bath can increase income for the District of Mamasa from the tourism sector.

Because he said, in addition medannnya very difficult to reach to build on infrasturuktur waterfall tourist sites, the development budget in the tourism sector through the budget Mamasa District is also still very limited.

Therefore, it will seek to build coordination with the Department of Tourism and Culture West Sulawesi for tourism development planning waterfall so they can be managed professionally and that regional earnings.

According to him, besides Sambabo waterfalls, Mamasa District, also has a waterfall located in Mambulillin Mamasa district, has a waterfall beauty of being in the valley's most beautiful hillside of Mount Mabulilling a neighboring mountain gods crowded Double visited mountain climbers from all over Indonesia.

Unfortunately, he said, the mountain Mambulilin located at an altitude of about 2741 meters above sea level is also not well managed due to the limited budget that area owned


Oktober 03, 2009

Swimming With Crocodiles in Safari Water Park

Visitors Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) Cisarua, Bogor, now felt a new sensation when visiting this place is swimming with alligators. Vehicle that had just opened right on Idul Fitri holiday, Sunday (20 / 9), it is part of the Safari Water Park.

Here, visitors can swim while watching doings of two estuarine crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) in the glass cage. According to Julius, Taman Safari Indonesia Public of Relation of Cisarua Bogor, Safari Water Park 2 hectares of the theme is environmental friendly vehicles beautiful play. Visitors will be treated to a swimming pool with shades in the foothills.

Besides swimming with alligators, swim with linsang (Aonyx cinerea) and witnessed ornamental fish aquarium is another unique offer while swimming at Safari Water Park. Here, visitors are also free to choose the five swimming pools are available complete with a game in each pond.

To enjoy the Safari Water Park, dibanderol visitors can pay an entrance fee only $2.5 per person. Julius added, in Safari Water Park visitors can also enjoy the facilities pendapa enjoy the natural atmosphere of the mountains.