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Indonesia Land: Maret 2010

Indonesia Land

Maret 29, 2010

Tips in Long Comfortable Travel

Visit the resorts during the holidays by plane and is the fastest way to get there ternyaman destination. But when a long trip on a plane to 3 hours more, then you need is good listening tips below so pleasant journey.
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Maret 26, 2010

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Maret 22, 2010

Baturaden Offer Various Tourism

BEING on the south side of Mount Slamet, plus a strategic location, the cool air makes Baturaden become one of favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia.
With many tourist sites and facilities in it, it was not enough to enjoy the satisfaction of a day tour in Baturaden, Central Java. The first place closest to the main gate is Kaloka Taman Widya Mandala.
The park is on May 17, 1995 was promulgated by Regent Banyumas then occupied Sudantoko Djoko serve as educational tours.

In this place there are also Rare Creatures Museum, such as Sumatran tigers, sun bears, and clouded leopard.
In addition to the animal collection, a variety of games are also available such as a cable car, bicycle water, an elephant ride attractions and the most important is to enjoy the beautiful scenery in this park.
For those who like to spend the night with nature here also provided by the manager of the camping grounds (camping ground) is reserved by the management for nature lovers.

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Maret 06, 2010

Gili Trawangan "The Party Isand"

Gili Trawangan is the largest of three islands or earthen (Gili Islands) are located in the northwest of Lombok. Trawangan is also the only dike that height above sea level is significant. With a length of 3 km and 2 km wide, Trawangan population of about 800 inhabitants. Among the three gili, Trawangan has facilities for tourists of the most diverse; store Tir Na Nog claim that Trawangan is the smallest island in the world is his Irish bar. The most densely populated parts of the island's east.

Trawangan has shades of "party" more than Gili Meno and Gili Air, because of the many parties all night every night of the show rotated by some places the crowd. Popular activities conducted in Trawangan tourists are scuba diving (with PADI certified), snorkeling (in the northeast coast), play like, and surfing. There are also several places where the tourists can learn to ride around the island.

On Gili Trawangan (as well as in two other earthen), there are no motor vehicles. A common means of transportation are bicycles (rented by locals to tourists) and Cidomo, a simple horse-drawn carriage common in Lombok. To travel to and from the third-dyke, people usually use motorized boats and speedboat.

Gili Trawangan is the largest island of the three islands, commonly known as "Party Island" a majority of tourist coming young children, majority of the resort (accommodation) located east side of the island, with prices ranging from € 5 to € 78. after the diving you can having fun every night in one of the party organizer, or relax with diver-diver others.

This island was formerly used as a disposal ever convict. At that time, because all the prisons are full, the king who was ruling throwing 350 people to the Sasak rebel island. Only around the year 1970 the population visited the island of Sulawesi, which later settled here.


Maret 05, 2010

Tips on holiday in the Spring

SOME people may have often adapt to changes in weather and climate for cross-continental travel. If you are going to travel to the northern side of the hemisphere, spring is coming, usually lasts about terakhit weekend last weekend in March until June. Do not panic, consider yuk what we need pertimbangakn before traveling.

Location information

Do not let your stranded without a place of lodging while traveling. Look for more detailed info about your holiday destination. Expect the price of your travel package includes lodging costs.

Determine the appropriate sights heart

In the spring of 2010 you should look for a new resort in accordance with the mood. Prepare a plan matured during the spring trip this week arrived.

Beware of rising prices

Almost every person in the spring to travel to tourist places, especially the coastal areas. In addition to supporting the weather, too, the volume of visitors increases, because the coming school holidays. But if you still should consider a rate increase tourism could happen.

Avoid areas difficult to reach

For those of you who still want to continue the journey with the family, determine the destination easy and affordable, especially financially. Avoid areas difficult to reach and discover the most ideal place for families.

In addition, you should also make a reservation package tour in the middle of last spring. Usually the visitors arrive early or at the end of the season.

Spring is a transition from winter to summer in temperate climates nontropis. For some countries in the northern part of the earth, spring will fall on March 21 until June 21 and on the opposite side of spring took place on September 23 until December 21.