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Indonesia Land: NYC Walking Tours Information

Indonesia Land

Juni 01, 2010

NYC Walking Tours Information

Do you need Guided Walking Tours in New York City? The following article will give you the complete information about walking tours NYC. Tourism or tourism is a journey undertaken for recreation or vacation, and also preparations for this event. A tourist or a tourist is someone who travels at least 80 km (50 miles) from his house with the purpose of recreation, is defined by the World Tourism Organization. A more complete definition, tourism is a service industry. They deal with services ranging from transportation, hospitality services, shelter, food, beverages, and other related services such as banking, insurance, security, etc. And also offers a place to rest, culture, escape, adventure, and other new and different experiences.
Many countries, depends much of the tourism industry as a source of taxes and revenues for companies that sell services to tourists. Therefore, the development of the tourism industry is one strategy used by Non-Government Organization to promote a particular area as a recreational area to promote trade through the sale of goods and services to non-local people. In order to have New York walking tours information, please visit this site: NYC walking tour on this site is aim to bring together the traveler and the city in a manner beneficial to both. 

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