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Indonesia Land: Exoticism Tablanusu

Indonesia Land

Mei 25, 2010

Exoticism Tablanusu

Last two years, Kampong Tablanusu Depapre District, Jayapura regency, Papua, was designated as a tourism destination mainstay. Nan exquisite natural basin of the bay beach and village of millions of coral that makes the foundation of this village is increasingly recognized and frequently visited by tourists during holidays.
Within one month predicted around 2000 people came to a small village at the western end of this Sentani to simply relieve fatigue or sharing holiday cheer filled with family. This time to go Tablanusu been relatively easy.
From Sentani Airport approximately 40 miles away with good road conditions-is heading toward Depapre District. Two years ago, Tablanusu region can only be taken by using a boat and fishing boat about 15 minutes from the capital Depapre District. Today, more and varied transportation access with the pass as far as availability of access to three kilometers.

The descent and climb with stunning views across the lush forests and the occasional modest residential area which showcases the fruits to make the trip enjoyable. Arriving at the top of the hill which dipatoki sign of the cross when almost at Tablanusu, visitors are greeted expanse of natural charm. Occasionally appear blue-green sea with two small islands in the bay basin lines that form the beach. Behind the lake shore is lined hills seem dense forest.

Tablanusu Village located in the Gulf of expanse Entiyebo recognizable natural stones and settlements along the road from simple wooden roof of corrugated iron. Round-oval-shaped stones, and sometimes irregular it is not known where it came from. To be sure, walking barefoot on a bed of stones is a reflection of the foot felt like therapy.
The atmosphere is very friendly tourist village feels when entering the home of Regents this Suwae Abel Jayapura. They always welcome guests with a broad smile.
Vehicles are not allowed directly through the aisles of the settlement because it can damage the natural order of the rocks. Therefore, the vehicle passed through a road that passes through the edge of the artificial lake of brackish water.
In the brackish water lake, we can buy the local culture of milkfish, tilapia, and tilapia. Every one kilogram of tilapia price of IDR 25,000 ($2,5) , while milkfish and tilapia purchased per two tails for IDR 20,000 ($2,0).
Typically, the fish was immediately processed the guests on a bed of stones, palm leaves dirindangi near Suwae Resort. Entourage family more comfortable renting cabins honai for IDR 50,000 ($5,0).
If it is fruit season, local residents also sells forest products and their yard, such as durian, mango, and barked. While visiting the Tablanusu, Wednesday, January 20, is the mango season. The abundance of mango-mango crop makes it a kind of puppet only allowed to fall to rot on the rocks.

Weekend During the weekends, locals sell fish and sago mashed taro. Papeda which is the typical food of the people of North Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua until the fish is supplied complete with fresh-tasting sauce that causes the body. While derived from mashed taro tubers taro boiled and sprinkled with grated coconut and eaten with fish.
If you want to stay, Suwae Resort provides six houses two of these houses on stilts overlooking the beach. Rent is very affordable, IDR 350.000 ($35) to IDR 400.000 ($40) per night.
If you want to merge with the citizens, visitors can rent a room owned by a local family. Now there's five home stay residents who are ready to live visitors. Per night, around IDR 100.000 ($10) to IDR 200.000 ($20) depending on the negotiations.
Not staying at Tablanusu loss. Because, there are many options streets destination locations that can be done using outboard motor boats owned by the community. With the hiring of around IDR 100.000 ($10) per usage, we have been able to walk to the beach around Beach Tablanusu, such as the Coast Bikasu commonly used foreign tourists to sunbathe, Amay Beach, Beach Bitiayoi, as well as bird-watching on the small island beach front Tablanusu. All these destinations less than 30 minutes taken.
In a phrase book Folklore and Local Proverb Wauna Depapre issued Government of Papua Province explained, on 16 April 1944, General MacArthur, landed in Tablasupa allied leaders, Hamlet Amay, precisely in Priwaytu Beach, which now enter Depapre region. At that time, an ally of Japan was also expelled and establishing military installations and logistics at Depapre.
In Tablanusu now there are still remnants of the army's World War II allies, such as emplacement. Some time ago, according to locals, there is still the landing dock, but has now been displaced due to reclamation.
Efforts to make this region as a tourist destination coming to fruition. At the very least, had dozens of visitors from abroad, such as America, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland, which menyambangi Tablanusu. Not only visited, but they are also staying.
On October 2008, Tablanusu also become one of the objects in the sale of Papua Indonesian Tourism Mart and Expo in Makassar, South Sulawesi. Moreover, in every campaign of Lake Sentani Cultural festival which was held this second time, Tablanusu also offered to tourists. Now, every weekend or holidays, tourist village in Tanah Merah Bay This is never quiet and always crowded with visitors who are still dominated by domestic tourists.
There is no certain figures about the number of tourists who visit Tablanusu. However, according to data from Papua province in 2009, tourists visiting the Papua reach 1339 people in 2006, an increase compared to previous years only 984 people.
Tourist locations around the resort area about 25 years ago is still a sea. However, due to continuous deposition occurs, the area turned into a land that is now filled with palm trees. Nan shady palm trees shading gravel expanse of black stones, make scenery more exotic and beautiful Tablanusu.
Tablanusu wealth make the region a natural tourist village, history, culture, lakes, and beaches. No wonder, now transport access to the tourist village Tablanusu improved. If before this village can only be reached by boat from the pier in Depapre district, has now awakened the pass that can be passed by public transport.

photo: davidrahawarin 


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