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Indonesia Land: Travel Tips to Baduy

Indonesia Land

Mei 18, 2010

Travel Tips to Baduy
If you want to stay at Kampung Baduy, we must also be ready to respect and comply with customs regulations applicable in the area of indigenous communities Baduy. Most do not comply with the regulations made Jaro (Village Head) Baduy, Dainah, for immigrants who will enter its territory.

Rules for immigrants, among others, bring a tape or a radio ban, did not bring a guitar, do not carry air rifle, not to catch or kill animals, do not litter, do not cut down trees, do not leave a fire in the forest, do not consume intoxicating beverages, and does not violate the norms decency.

Especially for foreigners, forbidden to enter the territory of its citizens Baduy who always dressed in white, namely Kampung region-Cikartawana Cibep-Cikeusik. Foreigners are only permitted entry to the territory which citizens of Foreign Baduy always dressed in black.

Meanwhile, in Kawalu (harvest period of three consecutive months from February to April), Baduy In completely closed to all outsiders. However, for visitors in the month Kawalu can still meet with residents Baduy In a moment out from their village.

Indigenous Baduy very limited contact with the modern world, particularly on electricity, and other electronic equipment also forced the visitors who will stay have to complete the equipment is relatively a lot, especially when carrying a torch for convenience to the bathroom at night.

Jacket enough help to dispel the chill in Badui village which has an altitude above 500 meters above sea level. Sleeping bags were not hurt were brought in to help warm the body when sleeping at night.

Very cold night in Baduy. The cold was so piercing bone because Baduy residents sleep on the floor of the stage, not on the couch. Wind gust felt not only from above, but also from below the house on stilts. the entrance of the cubicle wall between bamboo.

When it comes to Baduy in the rainy season, visitors should use appropriate footwear worn on the ground slippery and muddy. Mountain shoes or sandals are recommended for use because the soles have been designed to "grip" when the stand so it does not easily slip, let alone on the road uphill.

Also do not forget a jacket or raincoat and hood waterproof bag for protecting luggage so as not to get wet. Oil antinyamuk please also taken to keep insects, especially when we want to go for a walk in the woods or fields Baduy.

If we stay on Foreign Badui village, we can use soap or shampoo when bathing. In Baduy In both objects were used abstinence. Personal medicines should be taken, especially because in Badui village there is no clinic or pharmacy. So, when it's ready to go into Baduy region, do not forget to finish all affairs in the city first because it will be difficult to get a cellular phone signal.


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