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Indonesia Land: Water Tourism Tricks

Indonesia Land

Mei 31, 2010

Water Tourism Tricks

Children's world is a world of play. When play or travel with children, try to always slip a valuable experience that children can learn and add insight. One of them with day trips to the water rides. So, what preparations should be done before asking child to play water?
1. Ensure safe water ride attractions. That way, safety and security of children is assured.
2. Forum for the water to be clean. Thus, the child not to swallow water contaminated with bacteria or toxic.
3. Choose a vehicle that supports the growth of the water or excitatory motor. For instance, rides a wave element and the sled.
4. Accompany the children. They will feel more comfortable and happy if u can play with their parents.
5. Note the safety instructions on the water rides and attractions obey the command and command of the Lifeguard.
6. Prepare the child's bathing suit that fits so comfortable when interacting with children in the water. Avoid using everyday clothes.
7. Bring a towel for each child. Also, bring towels and clothes so that children are not cold when doing water activities.
8. Prepare the tire and personal life vest for children safety when not provided for free in the water ride attractions.
9.Gunakan sunscreen during outdoor activities. Use sunscreen serves to maintain the health of a child's skin.
10. Consumption of drinking water more often to avoid dehydration. Although located in the swimming pool, children still need the water intake.
By considering these tips, your child can avoid accidents while playing. In addition, they also will go home with feelings of pleasure.


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