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Indonesia Land: Januari 2008

Indonesia Land

Januari 23, 2008

Fun at Ancol Jakarta BayCity

This is Jakarta's largest and most popular recreation park. Used to be known as "Jaya Ancol Dreamland", its extensive range of attractions includes sea and fresh water aquariums, swimming pools, an artificial lagoon for fishing and boating, a bowling alley, as well as an assortment of nightclubs restaurants, and massage parlors.

The Ancol complex includes a marina, Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy Land), a golf course, hotels and a drive-in theatre. The 'Pasar Seni' or art market has a varied collection of Indonesian handicraft, paintings and souvenirs on sale. An open-air theatre features live performances by local artists.

Ancol Beach
This water park consists of various pools and slides that will thrill both children and adults that never quite grew up. Experience a day of fun-filled adventures by braving the rapids, diving down the slides, enjoying the exciting water rides or just splashing around. The theme park was refurbished several times to ensure safety and everlasting fun. Nonetheless children must always be supervised by adults. The poolside restaurant is popular for its variety of local dishes

Dream World
Indonesia own Disneyland where you can discover a cultural journey through Indonesia and many other countries. With the accent on fun, other attractions include a thrilling cork screw roller coaster, adventurous flume rides, turbo tour simulators, bumper cars as well as many other exciting fairground amusements. Open Mon to Sat, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sun from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Craft Shops
This colorful open-air market located in the Ancol Amusement Park provides the unique experience of not only buying quality Indonesian arts and craft, but also a chance to see and meet the artisans at work. You can watch puppet makers, wood-carvers, painters, and many other craft makers from throughout the archipelago cheerfully working on their creations.
At this art and handicraft market, visitors get to watch Indonesian artists creating their masterpieces. Hundreds of artists from all over the country congregate here to exhibit their work, making the spot a fascinating place for tourists and art connoisseurs. You can even get a portrait of yourself done.
Both traditional and modern art and crafts are on display, including paintings, sculptures, traditional Indonesian wayang kulit (leather puppets), gemstone jewelry and many other artistic products. Art performances are frequently held at the Art Market (Pasar Seni) inside the Jaya Ancol Dreamland on Jakarta's beach. They normally range from wayang kulit shadow plays to folk dances and modern drama.
Open Monday to Saturday, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Amusement Park
A village unto itself, this 24-hour park has hotels, nightclubs, shops, and amusement centers, including an oceanarium with dolphin and sea lion shows, a golf course, a race-car track, a four-pool complex with a wave pool, and water slides. Africa is represented by a comedy of mechanized monkeys, America by a Wild West town, Europe by a mock Tudor house, and Asia by buildings from Thailand, Japan, India, and Korea. Rides, shooting galleries, and food stalls surround these attractions, all set on 1,360 acres of land reclaimed from the bay in 1962. COST: Admission. Sat.-Thurs. 11-6, Fri. 1:20-10.

Marina Ancol
This is a special port for yachts, motor and sail boats, and the port of departure to Kepulauan Seribu or Thousand Islands resorts. This is also a good location for windsurfing and other marine recreation. Beach facilities for the sea or lagoon area are amply provided: water cycles, canoes, sail boats, fishing gear and many others. Stalls are abundant, serving drinks and snacks along the beach.

This giant oceanarium proudly introduces visitors to more than 4,000 fish and sharks from 300 species. Come and enjoy the deep-sea panorama while strolling through an 80-meter tunnel. The fascinating creatures live in some 500 million liters of seawater and are fed three times a day (some hand-fed). The attraction also features a theater which plays three educational films in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Open Monday to Saturday, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Ancol Golf
Built as part of the giant recreational area in Ancol Dreamland in North Jakarta, the 18-hole plays to par 17 with a length of 6,501 meters. Here, the sea wind is often an interesting challenge for golfers. Padang Golf Jaya Ancol has no membership restrictions and is suitable for those wishing to combine golf with a family outing. Facilities at the clubhouse include club rental, pro shop, driving range, locker rooms, hot / cold showers and a spacious parking lot.


Januari 15, 2008

Gorontalo, the Pieces of Paradise on the Equator

Hidden Paradise on the Equator. There are just so many things that make Gorontalo perfect for holiday, the beauty of its nature, the culture and not forget to mention, the friendly people. General information about Gorontalo, stated at North Sulawesi. Mountains, hills, shore line are the main characteristic of Gorontalo and it makes the island perfect for marine tourism.

Most of diving site take you just a few minute from town, Diving in Gorontalo mean diving within the richness of biodiversity, health and unique coral and reef
Lot of beautiful place could be found here, Tomini Bay famous for under water habitat and undefined creatures. There is several number of unsettled small islands. Tomini Bay is a heaven for divers, because the geographic position of Tomini Bay itself, which is crossed by the equator line, has naturally presented various kinds of sea creature inside.

Desa Olele or Olele Village is well known as the wild diving spot among world class diver. Olele beach is a gate to underwater paradise. The amazing beauty of underwater life on this area has been recognize and proofed by the enthusiasm of the divers who come to Olele beach. The divers called Olele as Traffic Jam dive spot.

In Tomini Bay and Olele Beach, you can find some or maybe the most amazing and diver creature such as:

Lumba-Lumba hidung botol (torsiops trancatus)
* Giant Reef (Petrosia Sp.)
* Angkutan Kota (City Transport " small car) also available
* School of Gobi Fish (Bryaninops erythrops)
* Salvador Dali reef (Petrosia lignose)
* Kipas Laut Biru (Acanthogorgia Sp.). There are only 3 acanthogorgia Sp. In Gorontalo
* Anemon Koralimorf (Discosoma Sp.)
* Nemo
* Ikan Behang (plectorhinchus chaetodonoides), some people call it cha-cha fish caused they dance and swim around the coral.
* Blenni (Escenius Caeruliventris)
* Cardinal Fish, damsel, platax pinnatus, scorpaenopsis, oxycephala, goropa fish, butterfly fish, pusillus, cockatoo fish, Randal fish, parapterois hetururus, Bothus Sp " half face fish, frog fish, celebes
* Not forget to mention that Gorontalo is the Kingdom of Nudibrancia
* Seahorse and pigmy seahorse
* There are just too many creatures to be named in Gorontalo, Just come, wear your suit and experience the Pieces of Paradise on the Equator.

In your spare time, go cruise with the fisherman and catch/fishing your own fishes.

Getting There

Jallaludin airport is the entrance for the visitors who use the airplane service (located approximately 15 km from the town of Gorontalo)
Flight from Sukarno Hatta Air Port-Jakarta " Jallaludin Air Port, Gorontalo (Filght served every day, please check the exact schedule to your airline services)
For visitors who use sea service, Gorontalo has 3 harbors, Anggrek Harbor, Kwandang Harbor and Crossing Harbor

Where to Stay

During your diving, you can stay at Gorontalo Resort
If you stay within the town, these hotels might be fit your requirements:

Quality Hotel Gorontalo
Jl. A. Yani Kota Gorontalo
Phone: (0435) 822222, Fax (+62435) 821111,
Saronde Hotel
Walanda Marmis Street
Phone: (0435) 824144
Yulia Hotel
Ahmad Yani Street
Phone: (0435) 828395
Wisata Hotel
23 Januari Street
Phone: (0435) 821736
City Hotel
Basuki Rahmat Street
Phone: (0435) 822437
Krawang City Hotel
Basuki Rahmat Street
Phone: (0435) 822437
Citra Hotel
Merdeka Street
Phone: (0435) 821249
Melati Hotel
Gajah Mada Street
Phone: (0435) 821853
Wisata Leato Hotel
Leato Street
Phone: (0435) 824144
Sumber Ria
Budi Utomo Street
Phone: (0435) 23888
Budi Utomo Hotel
Budi Utomo Street
Phone: (0435) 821564
Mutiara Hotel
Andalas Street
Phone: (0435) 825778
Imam Bonjol Hotel
Imam Bonjol Street
Phone: (0435) 826240

Moving Around

* Within the town, Trans Sulawesi is a land acces that connected the province in Sulawesi
* Mini bus
To access the diving spot you can use rented car/bike, then take a boat toward your spot preferences
* For those who use dive companys services, they'll arrange your activities (transport, meals, lodging) the moment you arrived at Gorontalo
* Take a ride with Bentor, support by motor bike machine, for one or two passenger only. Dont worry with the rain, cause Bentor installed with veil

Dining Guide

Within the city, its easy to find any kind of food you want to have for your meal, international menu and traditional menu are available. Make your order, and youll find your meal rich in spices.
Seafood lover will be pleased here
Perkedel ikan nike (nike fish). Mashed nike fish mix with flour and spices, then fried
Pepes Ikan Nike. Fresh nike fish mixed with certain spices, wrapped with banana leaf then baked or some prefer it grilled.

Souvenir Tips

Kerawang: one of Gorontalos traditional cloth materials, which made by hand (man cloth and woman cloth for all ages). Althought Kerawang made by hand but is doesnt look like a hand made at all. Its a Must to buy and make sure its on your list
Ornaments of intricate carved wood are common in all the district

Other Things to See or Do

Wreck of Japanese Cargo, Tjendrawasih Ship
Sail with the fisherman
Sentinels: Best of the Best in Diving
Potanga Pool with natural cool and fresh water-directly comes from the mountain spring
Otanaha Castle was the protection and defense of the Kings of Gorontalo
White sand of Leato
Limboto Lake
Ayuhulalo Waterfall
Boalemo Beach
Bolihutuo Beach
Bajos Tribe Village

Travel Tips

The best diving season runs from November to April
You can experienced the encounter with dolphin (torsiops truncates) around February to April

Tourist Office:
Jl. Diponegoro No. 1
Gorontalo 96115 Phone:
(0435) 821763 Fax: (0401)