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Indonesia Land: November 2009

Indonesia Land

November 26, 2009

Ternate, The Beauty of Water

Water Island Ternate, North Maluku assessed the potential for tourism activities, such as diving tours, swimming, fishing, jet skiing and the roads around the island of Ternate using traditional boats.
All around the island of Ternate beach locations are also many very interesting sights, such as Sulamadaha Beach, Beach and Beach AKE Dorpedu Rica.

According to research from a marine expert from the Netherlands, the location of the island of Ternate in the waters mentioned very attractive for tourist submarines, including the waters and beach Swering Beach Sulamadaha. Regions that have a diversity of coral reefs (coral) and a very beautiful fish to look at.

Fish and coral reefs in both locations are very diverse, there are even some types of coral reefs (name not mentioned) who entered the rare category. Other advantages of both locations for diving are located very close to the mainland and the city center, so to achieve it does not need to hire a boat with big expenses.

Only problem is, according to research from the Dutch oceanographer, the beauty of the underwater scenery at both locations was slightly tarnished by the waste stuck on the sidelines now.

Therefore, Ternate Island communities are suggested to throw garbage into the sea, because in addition to threatening aquatic environment in general, can also close the dive tourism development opportunities in the waters around the island of Ternate, as in Côte Swering and Sulamadaha.

Ternate municipal government will provide various facilities to entrepreneurs who want to develop the tourism sector in the city of Ternate, especially the ease of licensing and procurement support infastruktur tourism.

Facilities and infrastructure supporting the tourism sector in Ternate, such as hotels and restaurants are now adequate, even for a hotel in this city there is a four-star rates Rp450.000 per night only.

Transportation to and from Ternate, either by sea or air is also quite smooth. For air transport, in Ternate is ten times daily flights with a fairly low rate, such as for Ternate-Jakarta route is only about $140.
Photo by: Maulana Ibrahim/


November 04, 2009

Lakey Beach More Interest

Object tourism Lakey Beach in District Huu, Dompu regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) which is known as one of the surf, the more attractive foreign tourists. Surfer Chairman Dompu M Ali said the visit of tourists, especially in April and May is high enough to reach an average of 300 to 400 people per day, for a two-month high waves, ideal for surfers.

He said, in addition to surfing, since the last five years at Lakey Beach Dompu many tourists who visit to play kite surfing (surfing sports type equipped with a kite made from a parachute).

As one of the best surfing places in the world, Lakey Beach Dompu also ideal for kite surfing, because in addition to high waves in the wind are also attractions are tight, so marine tourism object is increasingly crowded visited by tourists,''he said in Dompu, Monday (2 / 11).

Lakey Beach, is now standing a number of hotels and restaurants and one source of local revenue (PAD) for the largest Dompu regency besaral mainly from hotel and restaurant tax (PHR), in addition to agriculture and livestock sectors.

Ali said, Lakey beach where the surf is the third best in the world after the beach in Hawaii and Australia, and in this tourism object has several times held the international level, including surfing held at 13 until August 15, 2007.

According to the plan, will be held in May 2010 kite surf contest the international level. Because of that, he said, this tourism object needs to have government, because the condition of the road to the resort is quite apprehensive, from the 45 kilometers road, 33.10 kilometers along the heavily damaged.

In addition, according to Ali, the Lakey beach tourism object is not available Dompu adequate clinic that could be used if there are tourists who have an accident while surfing, the current clinic was built just funded by an Australian tourist.

"We expect the attention of the government to provide and develop facilities to attract tourists to visit the attractions of the coast surfers paradise this,''he said.