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Indonesia Land: Mei 2009

Indonesia Land

Mei 13, 2009

Wave of Uluwatu

Uluwatu is the popular wave of Bali. There is always something swell, so that more and less congested. The spot offers several waves, which swells and tides different.The Peak: the best for medium and high tides. Closes the low tide. In the cave. This is a consequence. Short and powerful waves, tubes. The departure is in motion. It works 1FT to 8ft. Most overcrowded. One section includes more than others.

Race tracks: 100 meters. rapid tree, a number of sections with a pipe. Best at low tide and 6ft. Swell size. On the right, floods and waves the right to "The Peak" connects "Racetraks" (You must have a good tuberider). About 10ft circuits break at "The Corner".

Inside Corner: The best in the middle of low tide and with 6ft waves. The first is a fun, and the last wave is a tube pan. No, just before a reduction of the toilet! Take lots of speed, stay in the face and cut. You will pass the tube.

Outside Corner: The REAL Uluwatu. Works only with big swells (> 8ft) and at low tide. The lower part is high tide, the better the wave. Take at least one 7 "edge. It is a consequence of the long walls good for carving and, sometimes, a beautiful last tube. The length is about 300 meters.

Temple: less surf. 2 waves in the act ( "Outside temple" and "War"). Only for experts, because the water is very shallow. For those, it is an incredible tube, if it works.