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Indonesia Land: April 2010

Indonesia Land

April 14, 2010

Saving Tips in the Holiday

Vacation must spend the money. But we must be careful so that money can be used with care. Especially for those who liked extravagant shopping. Here are a few tricks below can trim your budgets during the holidays.
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April 12, 2010

One Day at the Pasir Padi Bangka

It does not seem excessive if it equalizes the beautiful beaches in the Province of Bangka Belitung with beaches on the island of Bali. Not surprisingly, the director Riri Reza choose natural panorama, especially the beauty of the beaches in this province as a backdrop for his film Laskar Pelangi.

Indeed, the beautiful beaches in the province is not as famous as the new Kuta beach in Bali or Carita beach in Banten. But no doubt, so menginjakan foot on the island of Bangka nautical flavor was immediately ambushed. Beaches in the area of clump Sebalai State has the most amazing natural panorama and still natural.

There, on the island of Bangka there Pasir Padi Beach, Beach Paray, Matras, Cape Snake, Cape You, Romodong, rancid water. In the cluster there Belitung Island Coast High Cape, Cape Kelayang and pigeon. For the first beach called it is one that is ready visited tourist beaches. Because even in a limited scale tourism facilities has been more


April 10, 2010

Welcome To The Hotels In Sydney And Hotels In Wellington

Need hotels in Sydney and hotels in Wellington? That is not a big deal. Since there are many people are interested to go to Australia and New Zealand, therefore there are a lot of hotels in Sydney and hotels in Wellington that you can visit and booked. If you like to travel as backpackers, you could enjoy the hotels in Sydney and hotels in Wellington with affordable rates, where they provide bed and bread but still with nice room, nice view and nice service too. If you like to stay in luxurious place, those hotels in Sydney and hotels in Wellington are also available according to your needs.

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April 09, 2010

Browsing Mount Gamalama

"There's no far in Ternate. Close only". This sentence is always the answer every time someone asks how far places who want to target and try to think of time travel. And, sure enough. From one object to another object, can only take 10 minutes.
As a result, tracing Ternate from north to south can take a full day. Honestly, the whole city area is 43 km2. However, notwithstanding the small, packed with diverse wealth of Ternate.

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April 07, 2010

Wow ... 2010 Torch will Decorate "Sail Banda 2010"

At least 2010 torch made of bamboo will be placed in the coastal Gulf in Ambon to enliven a welcoming participants and guests Sail Banda who operate scheduled on August 3, 2010. "The torch number that represents the implementation of Sail Banda in 2010 the peak of the show is scheduled to be attended by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono," said Head of Tourism and Culture (Disbudpar) Maluku Miss Florance Sahusilawane in Ambon, Saturday (3/4/2010).

This spectacular event programming is supported 2010 students kindergarten or elementary school as Ambon, which will launch a traditional boat festooned with small size by the number of students in the Bay of Ambon in the August 3, 2010 at around 18:00 CDT. "We motivate our students kindergarten or elementary school in order to feel responsible for the success of Sail Banda by calling on them to write anything about the activities of maritime international level as part of the promotional potential of marine Maluku," said Sahusilawane.
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April 02, 2010

Ternate Held Legu Gam Early April

Keraton Ternate Sultanate held a party of the people of North Maluku, Legu Gam, on 1-17 April 2010 to attract the minimum of a 20,000 tourist arrivals into the area.

"This is one of our efforts to attract more tourist visit to Ternate," said the originator of Legu Gam, Empress Sultanate of Ternate, Boki Ratu Nita Budhi Susanti, in a press conference in Building stepping on Wednesday.

She said the administration party of the people Legu Gam aims to promote tourism and tourism potential in North Maluku (Malut).

According to her, Malut has many potential tourist destinations to offer to tourists, both domestic and foreign.

Legu Gam is a party of the people of Ternate people who already held regularly in the last seven years as the anniversary of the Sultan of Ternate and this year to welcome the Emperor's birthday 75th.

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