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Indonesia Land: Sulphur Mining at Kawah Ijen

Indonesia Land

September 13, 2008

Sulphur Mining at Kawah Ijen

Some western Banyuwangi, on the border with Baluran National Park is on the Ijen Plateau. E "located in the center of Ijen - Mount Merapi - Maelang Reserve in the far eastern part of a platform reflecting the blue / green kráteru lakes. Kawah Ijen is 2,300 meters above sea level. Huge lake, which is 200 meters deep, contains about 36000000 cubic metres in pairs , Acidic water. Chodit to allow for holidays kráteru pleasure every day. It is incredible vision and the natural wonders of Indonesia.

As the lake is very simple and can approaches from both east and west. Most people will choose this approach because it is more popular. On a trip to the mountain requires only one hour and a half. However, if the Banyuwangi approach to take six or seven hours and is Licin.
What's interesting is the sulphur extracted in the lake on the outskirts of a strong smell, which is for those who are managing the stomach. People who work in the mines of sulphur are also paid for their work. What's pursuit of the sulphur content exceeding kráteru and then 19 km on foot from top to Banyuwangi, where the factory deals with a sulphur content. They may take up to 80 kg of stinking!


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