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Indonesia Land: Karapan Sapi (Bull Races) in Madura

Indonesia Land

September 24, 2008

Karapan Sapi (Bull Races) in Madura

This is a very popular sport and parades are held on a regular basis at least twice a month in September and October Bangkalan beginning of 09.00, Pamekasan and Sampang on the island of Madura in half an hour by ferry from Surabaya. Bull Racing is a great event in Madura, especially in the annual championship races on the islands, which are usually held at the local administrator of the harvest in September or October.

There should be Pamekasan, the capital of the island for one year. Special races can be organized, taking into account the three days prior notice. For more information, contact the East Java Provincial Tourism Office, Jl. Wisata Menanggal, Surabaya, and Phone: (031) 8531815, 8531820.
Category: - Location: Madura Event Date: 01-09-0000


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